Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Columbus Trip

We got to go to Columbus a few weeks ago and visit my friend and her little family. It was fun to get away for a weekend and spend time with them. We ate a lot of good food, hung out, went shopping, the boys went paint balling while me and Karlie took the kids to a childrens play place, and me and Had got to go through a session in the Columbus temple, while they watched Jete for us. It was such a fun trip! Thanks again guys for everything. Can't wait until next time!

She even remembered our birthdays and got us a birthday cake!

Had and Josh got to go paint-balling, so we took the kids to this huge play place for kids. (I can't remember what it was called.) They loved it. Jete has never been to one of these science centers/children museums before and he was going wild. He loved that there were balls all over the place. Bailee was cookin us up some good food. Jete just liked to take it from her and throw it.

He loved loved loved the water place. Good thing they had these little rain jackets for them cuz he was dumpin the water out onto the floor and all over himself, splashing anywhere he could reach.

The more i tried to get him to stop drinkin the water, the more he tried to run away from me to hurry and get a little drink in. There were so many kids playin in this water, kinda disgusting, but if the kid's thirsty...... oh well, he didn't get sick so nothin to worry about right? :)

Bailee and Jete were too cute playing with each other. I loved to watch them.

While me and Karlie were talking in the front of the car, i turned around and saw these two puttin the moves on each other in the back seat. Is that a bad sign of things to come? Haha, well i guess we don't have to worry if our kids will like each other.