Thursday, June 23, 2011

Continued.... (part 2)

See, I told ya I was behind. These are from the month of April.


My little sister Bird (aka Jamie, for those of you that might think I really have a sister named Bird) came out to visit us in Cleveland and it was so fun to have her! We took her to Kalahari, a giant indoor waterpark, and good time was had by all. (Well maybs Had didn't have quite as much of a good time as we did. He very nicely volunteered to watch the kids while me and Bird went on all the adult rides.)

This is inside one of the cute little bamboo huts that have slides down to the kiddie pools.

Bird and Jerzi splashin around through the fountains

Jete liked the water a lot more than last year when we went.

This is a big improvement for Jete. All the times that we've been to this place, he wouldn't ride down any of the slides that had water splashing him in the face. This time he went on everything, and loved it all.

This is Jete's "I'm pretty cool" face. For real. I wish the life jacket wasn't blocking it. He puts his tongue down below his bottom teeth and to the side whenever he thinks he's being cool. He was walking along the pool on his hands, backwards, and was so proud of himself. HAHA Way to go Jete!

Bird was just so happy to be with us. :)

We also went to Kirtland while she was here.

My cousin Lydia got Rexburg, Idaho. Bird missed it and the reception cuz she had came out to our house in Cleveland. So we were so excited to find out that her husband was from Columbus (kind of near there) and they were having a reception there. So me and Bird got in the car the night before she had to go home, and drove for about 2 1/2 hours to get there.

We definitely were happy that we went. It was unlike any reception that we'd ever been to, and we were laughing the whole time. I won't go into all the details, but there was a scary gorilla man, vampire teeth, silly string, and the face. HAHA So funny! It was so good to see my aunt and uncle and cousin again. I hardly ever get to see any extended relatives since we've been in Ohio, so it was fun to catch up.

Me, Uncle Steve and Aunt Myrna made Bird go up with "All the Single Ladies" (that song was playing while they did this) to catch the boquet. Bird wasn't too excited but we thought it was the goods. She didn't even attempt to get it.

Here's my cousin and her new hubby, dancing together, as a swarm of people came and tied them together with a rope, silly stringed them into a cocoon-like web. After I took this pic, someone came running through and put a pie in his face!


I couldn't leave out Easter. It was fun to celebrate it this year.
We made Easter Egg rice krispie treats. Jete and Jerz were so excited about the sprinkles on them, I don't know if they ever even took one bite of the actual rice krispie part.

We dyed Easter eggs. Both kids really got into this and loved it.

Then they discovered that we had more stuff than just the dye.

Jete painted....

and Jerz found the stickers.

She didn't want to dye eggs anymore after she found these. Instead, she ended up taking off all the stickers from the paper, and putting them on her arms and belly.

Every year, me and Had have a contest about who's egg is going to be the coolest. (Are you surprised?) I'm pretty sure mine wins every year :) and here I am showing him this egg is gonna be THE #1.

We also made Easter sugar cookies. Ok, when I say we, I mean me. I made them, they ate them, about as fast as I could frost them.

(That's not saying too much though I guess, cuz I do things a little bit slow sometimes.)

We had an easter egg hunt for the kids in our house when they woke up Sunday morning.

Look at these cute little Easter baskets my mother in law sent the kids. So cute!

Jete couldn't hold still long enough for any kind of normal picture, too excited!

Easter Sunday!

What a cute, sweet little boy he is....

HA! Did he trick you?

This is what this little punky is really like!

P.S. He will only wear his tie to church like this, outside his vest. Awesome.

Even though they can be punks, we love them to pieces.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catchin Up (part 1)

For some reason, blogger was being retarded and not letting me post things, or save things after I'd get it all put on, so I kinda quit blogging for awhile. And Had was home for the last couple months before we moved to Texas, so I didn't want to sit down and blog when we could be PLAYING!!!Now that we're in Texas, things have settled down, and I got my old internet back, I need to blog again. I want to be able to look back on what we've done and what are lives were like so I need to do some updates. It's gonna be long, with lots of pictures, cuz that's how I do things. :)

Like I said, Had got to be home with us for the last few months before we moved, with not really any schooling, or homework or anything to do (just a few dumb classes every other morning), so we hung out a lot, watched a lot of movies, and just enjoyed time as a "big happy family" as Jete says.

Here are some pics of what we have been up to the last few months:

Dressin up, playin cowboys.

This is the only thing that Jete would ever dress up as. His little friends that are girls always wanted him to play dress up with them, and dress up as princesses. He never would.


We (mainly me) spent lots of time sledding and pulling the kids out around the apartments. Jete and Jerzi both loved the snow this winter and would play in it all day long if I would let them. Too bad we don't have a 4 wheeler to pull them on, cuz after a little while, my back would be hurting and their sled riding would be over.

Hangin out in our jammies, playin playdough

This is one of Had's contraptions.
The kids loved it until Jete pulled Jerz into the wall when he turned around.
Game over.

Jete got a new bike for Christmas and he was dying to ride it.
Finally the snow melted, and we tested it out. Dang, he looks so big and grown up...ridin
that big bike all by himself. We crossed the big road, and rode on the bike trail
down to the park. He did so good! I really can't believe how big he is getting,
and the things that he can do. The bad thing is now he thinks he can
go wherever, whenever, and by himself. Yikes!

Last year we went to a huge indoor carnival that came here, and Jete loved it then,
so we told a few more of our friends about it this year and decided to all go together.
These 3 little munchkins, and us 3 have spent a lot of time together over the past 4 years.
Sad that we're not all together anymore. Our husbands came too, but they must have been too cool for a picture.

Riding one of the crazy kid roller coasters. least Jete liked the ride. He was laughing throughout the whole ride.

I think all the other kids were either screaming to get off, or crying. HAHA

I had another pic right here of Jerzi on her favorie ride, a HUGE slide.

I don't know what happened to it. It's gone. But she loved it!

More rides!

Had was able to play in a podiatry basketball tournament,where they play against all the other podiatry schools in the country.

It was all fun and games, until someone got their head split open.

Luckily it was in the last game. He took an elbow to the eye, and started bleeding like crazy. I looked up at him as he was walking off the court, and blood was dripping all down his face. I so wish I would have got a picture of that, but at the time I was a little more worried about what happened and if he was ok. He wiped it off, put on a couple of bandaids, and went back in the game to finish the game. By the time the game got over, and a couple different attempts of bandaids, a crowd gathered as they started to perform "surgery".

Look at all those dr. hands going to work.

Everyone was so excited that they actually got to work on somebody. Meanwhile, I was stickin my camera right in everyone's way cuz I wanted some cool pics, and I knew Had would too. :)

Turns out it was bleeding too much when they did it. We got home, Had said, "This looks terrible!" He ripped the dermabond stuff out, and said, "Cin, come fix me."

I glued it together, and it looked lots better.

I found the situation kind of funny.

Even though he had all those dr's workin on him,

the one that's not a dr. fixed him up right. :)

His basketball team ended up taking 3rd.

So the girls tournament was going on at the same time as the boys, in the same gym. These girls are who I played ball with for the last 4 years, and it was a little rough for me being at these tournament games. I wanted to play so bad! (They made a new rule that no spouse of students can play.) I tried to watch my girls team, and watch Had's team, and watch Jete and Jerzi at the same time. Rough I tell ya. But I'm so glad I got to play with them all during my time in Ohio. It definitely made our time there better for me, getting to do something that I love.

Alright, that's all for now, until my next post where I continue to play catch up.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dr. McArthur!

The day finally came!!! It seems like it took forever for this day to come, and yet it all went by so fast. Had is officially Hadley McArthur, DPM. We're so proud of him and all that he's accomplished the last 7 years. (He got accepted to podiatry school a year early so he didn't have to graduate from BYU-Idaho, otherwise it would have been 8 years of school.) He worked so hard to be a good student, father and husband, and graduated with high honors (he might be a tid bit mad that I told that but he deserves to be bragged about). He also made sure that he spent time with us every day. I honestly don't know how he did it. I am so proud of him and love him so much!

His graduation was held at the Palace Theatre. Lots of cool plays are held here, like Les Mis, Wicked, etc., but we didn't ever go to any of them due to Had's lack of interest. :( The building is gorgeous and I was excited to have his graduation there.

Up on the balcony, waiting to start walking in.

We felt very lucky to have his dad and Leslie come for his graduation. He had 8 other family members flying in (Mom, John, Grandma, Grandpa, Broc, Sam, Jake, and Jevin), but due to the weather in Denver, they weren't going to make it here until after he already graduated. So his grandparents and Broc and Sam turned around and drove home. The other four kind of had to continue on because they were going to be helping us move to Houston that day. So they missed graduation (but I called his mom during graduation and put the phone on speaker so she could here them announce his name).

They ended up getting here that night about midnight. So Blayne and Les helped us load the whole truck, right after graduation, along with the missionaries and a few others from our ward we grabbed at the last second. It was fun to have Blayne and Les there and spend some time with them before we moved.

Here's Had walking in to the graduation march song.

Getting congratulated. Getting hooded.



It was so awesome and even a little emotional for me to see Had accomplish something
so great. I'm SOOO proud of him!

I think Jete was just as excited as I was. We explained to him that Daddy graduating meant that he didn't have to go to school ever again. To Jete, that means that he gets to have his Daddy home with him. These next three years of residency is gonna be a rude awakening for him.

The proud parents. It was so cute to watch Blayne. He seriously was so proud of Had, and beaming the whole day. I was so happy that he got to be there. I heard him say "This is the best day of my life." I think for him to say that truly shows the love of a father for his son, and how he wants the best for him.

Jete was pretty proud too....
or just likes to cheese it.

Grumpy Gus, with his diploma

An inside look at the foyer of this beautiful building

The Diploma!

The piece of paper that he gets after all those years of studying, homework, notes, tests, no sleep, stress, and anxiety. So excited to be done! We're sure gonna miss all of our friends that we made in Cleveland but we're excited to move on and start this new chapter in our lives.