Friday, November 5, 2010

Big Bad Biker Babes

For Halloween, Jeter said he wanted to be a bull rider again. I told him NO. :) I know, i'm mean, but how boring is that? He was that last year. He said to me, "Well then i guess i'll just be nothing." He kept saying how he wants to be nothing, and that he just wants to ride his motorcycle. So I thought of this great idea. He could be a biker dude, and ride his motorcycle around to trick or treat, putting the candy in his saddlebags. Jerzi could be his biker chick. It was gonna be so cute. After I told him about it, he was really excited and told everyone he was gonna be a Narley (Harley) Dude, and Jerz was gonna be his biker chick.

Then when the night came, they both foiled my plans. After I spent hours making their costumes, and talking it up so Jete would be excited to wear it, he let me get him dressed. We went to the church for the trunk or treat. Jerzi wouldn't get on the motorcycle with Jete. She wanted to be on it by herself. She doesn't know how to steer, so Jete rode it by himself. He rode to like three trunks, then got off and said he's done. When I tried to convince him to get back on so he could get more candy, he said, "No, I only want a few pieces of candy Mom." I asked him what his deal was, and he said, "I don't like everyone seeing me and laughing and telling me I look cute." Poor Jete.
Needless to say, I had to dress him up again a different day to take pictures in his leathers.

The Harley Dude and The Biker Babe

Grandpas and Grandmas, they are ready to ride with ya!

Biker butts, drive me nuts!
Oh how I love those little bummies.

Jerzi wasn't shy or afraid of people seeing her. She knew just what to do and dove right in to get her some goods.