Thursday, September 16, 2010

N.Y. Part 2

This park I took the kids to in New York gets its own post because it was by far the cutest park I've ever seen. It was called The Story Garden. I might as well have been another kid in there cuz me and Jete were both running around from one spot to the next to see what other cool things they had. At each little spot, they had some form of a mailbox with little books in them, and a place that you could sit down and read the books. I have a ton more pictures of this place. I just couldn't help but taking a picture at every little spot. We all loved it, and were sad that Had couldn't come with us cuz of work.

At Peter Rabbit's Garden, those are actually real plants growing, and they really got to water them. Jete LOVED this, and spent most of his time here!

Jerzi, however, loved the flowerpot and playing in/eating the dirt.

Jete, Jerzi and the 3 Bears

Jete wanted the frog to read to him too.

This is where Jete decided he knew how to rock climb. He wouldn't ever even try it before, which is kinda weird cuz he loves climbing and jumping off everything. Anyways, so he tried it, and I was nervous and stood right behind him. I tried to tell him where to grab and where to put his feet but he said, "Mom, I can do it, leave me along [alone]!