Thursday, September 25, 2008

Too Bad...

I've been kinda slacking on what we've been up to lately. We've been busy now that Hadley is back in full swing with school and studying all the time. We did manage to go to a few sporting events though. It's just too bad that the Indians and Browns aren't doing better this season. This post would have been a little more exciting. We went to an Indians game with a bunch of the other students. It was better than i thought it would be with the little Jete-monster, and turned out to be pretty fun.

That's Had in the tan shirt on the left, trying to catch Grady Sizemore's ball he used to warm up with. Had didn't get down far enough to get it, but our friend did. He caught it and gave it to a little kid, only to have an older lady snatch it from the kid. Seriously people, it's a warm-up ball!

We made it to the end of the game with little monster. We even got to see the firework show
after the game.

We also got to go to the Cleveland Brown's training camp. This was actually pretty sweet. They have a week where they open it up to the public and you can go watch them practice. We are sitting right on the practice field. Then after their practice they come over and sign autographs. Once again, too bad they're not awesome this year. It would have been a little cooler.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pullin the Plug

That's right, we're taking Jeter's binky away. Had just finished a week of exams, and has a couple more weeks before the next ones start, so we figured now's as good of a time as any. He has been very attached to his binky, but only when he goes to sleep. In fact, he sleeps with one in his mouth, and one in his hand, just in case the one in his mouth happens to fall out. He can hurry and pop the other one in, without missing a beat. Well, we have wanted to take it way for a little while now, but haven't really dared to. (We really like our sleep!) So anyways, last night was the first night without it, and he did pretty good. I'm really excited about this. We layed him in his crib, and he cried for about 10 minutes, then fell asleep! We were like wow, that was way easy. Then about a half hour later, he woke up and started crying again. We thought we were in for it, but he never woke up again the entire night! His nap today went even better, only cried for 5 minutes. Then, tonight when we layed him down for bed, he was not just crying but screaming. I bet it wasn't even 5 minutes later and we heard silence. Is it really this easy? I'm so excited. Now i'm just hoping that it will continue to go on like this, and hopefully i don't jinx him by saying how its been working good so far.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Little Cowboy

I know that i'm still posting pictures from when we were home, but we were able to do so much while we were there. So i have tons of pictures, so i'm gonna keep posting them. :) We got to ride horses while we were home! This is another one of the things we just love to do. Had got to go on a little cattle drive one day. He gets so excited to do this. He loves it and will jump at the chance anyone mentions one to him. Well, me and his younger sister Kenzie were dying to go on a horse ride, so finally one day we were all able to take the horses out and go for a ride. It was a little shorter ride than we wanted, but the little tykes needed to take naps, so we had to turn back after awhile. Mayce-cat (Had's little 5 year old sister) and Jete were troopers though. Jete was funny, he did not want the horse to stop. Any time we stopped, he would start movin his body back and forth, like c'mon, get this thing goin again.

Lovin the cowboy life!

Jeter McArthur-born to ride!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Good Times

We need this vacation again! We love going boating, and were able to go a few times while we were home, thanks to Had's dad. We got to go with Had's family and some of our friends. Jete wasn't so sure about it at first. Well, really he just HATED wearing his life jacket. The first time we took him on the tube, he just cried and pulled at his life jacket. But after he saw all of us having fun and how much fun he could have, he decided he should love it too, and wanted to be in the water all the time.

He literally was trying to dive in!

He also loved to drive the boat. He got so excited to sit up there and push all the buttons and turn the steering wheel.

This picture is so sweet. You can't tell very good, but all three of these boys have their tongues out, in deep concentration. They were trying desperately to find us a good spot to go fishing. Too bad i was the only one that caught anything. Hahaha (Sorry about your hat Broc!)

Ooh, isn't he so dang cute?

Here's me and Had wakeboarding. Love it! I was pretty proud of myself this boat trip because I finally was able to get up slolem skiing. Yeah! I usually have to start on two ski's, then drop a ski to get started. Sorry, we didn't get any pics of that, or of us doing our sweet tricks on the wakeboard. Shucks, you are all missing out. :)