Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

Jerzi is one year old!!!

(Ok, so really she is 14 months now, because i'm that slow at updating.)

I know it's Christmas time, but I really wanted to hurry and post this before I posted about Christmas stuff. Her birthday is Oct. 27th. Hadley was in Pittsburgh for her real birthday, so we celebrated it a few days late.

She loved the cake... and the candle. She wouldn't put it down, the whole time she ate.

She was one happy, messy little girl.

One thing about Jerzi....she already has a few things that she love, love, loves! For some weird reason, she LOVES babies. Don't ask me how or why, cuz we didn't even have one in our house. We don't know where she got this love for them from, but it's true. She got a baby (actually 2) for her birthday, and she was so excited! I don't remember Jete getting as excited over things at one year old as Jerzi does. It was so fun to watch her.

She knew just what to do with it too. I really don't know how she knew how to do this stuff.
It's really weird to me. Talk about they're born with it, geesh!

Here she is in love with her two new babies.

The balloons and babies were a hit! Yay!!!

For her birthday, we carved pumpkins., Had, and Jete all carved one, but she wanted to play with her babies and balloons.

[I'd show all of the finished pumpkins, but someone carved something a little inappropriate that I don't want my little neices and nephews to see (if you know Had, you can guess what he carved). Needless to say, we got a lot of strange looks from people walking past when they were out on our doorstep.]

We are all so happy to have Jerzi in our lives. Jete now has a partner in crime, and always wants to know where she is. He loves playing on his bed with her, and always asks if she can sleep in his bed with him. It's fun to watch them play together. Jete has loved Jerzi from when she was first born.

Nothing has changed. He still loves her so much and most of the time wants to do everything with her.

We can't imagine our life without either of these two!
Things I want to remember about Jerzi at 12 months:
*She loves food-she eats anything and everything.
*She loves books-she goes and picks out the book she wants, then brings it to us to read to her.
*She climbs up on the couch by herself, and gets so proud of herself that she can do this.
*She likes hot cheetohs.
*Her daddy says "she's definitely a girl" because she is happy and smiling one minute, and crying or throwing a fit the next.
*She loves shoes and boots- she wants to wear all of ours, and tries to put them on and when she can't get them on, cries until we help her.
*Started walking at 10 months.
*Only has her 2 bottom teeth.
*She can say a few words- hot, night-night, brush, hi, pretty, balloon.
*When she waves to anyone, she turns her hand backwards and waves to herself.
*She loves babies, dogs, and footballs.
*She loves those little knit/cottony receiving blankets, and loves having them touch her face.
*She has to have 2 binkies to go to sleep. One is for her mouth, and the other one is in her hand, and she pulls one out and puts the other in, and keeps switching them until she finally falls asleep.
*As soon as I get her out of her crib, she wants to go find Jete.
*She figured out how to ride Jete's 4-wheeler by herself, and loves it.
*She goes to bed at 8 P.M. and gets up around 7:30 A.M.
*She takes a morning and afternoon nap.
*She has the best, squishiest, poky out little bum ever.
*She likes to drive Jete's cars around, making brmmmm noises.
*She is very feisty
*If you have something she wants, she comes and slaps you (I'm trying real hard to stop this, but nothing seems to work)
*She throws big tantrums, like throws her head back on the floor, and kicks her feet.
*Although she loves food, she doesn't eat very good when other people feed her. She just wants her mommy. :)
*She wakes up from the tiniest sounds.
*She loves her coat. She goes to the closet and cries for it.
*She is really shy when she gets around others. She buries her chin in her chest and does what we call her "shy face" when people talk to her.
I can't even describe how much I love this girl. It's been so fun to have her and watch her grow and learn new things. She is so fun and I love seeing her big personality come out of this tiny little body.
We love you Jerz!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis The Season To Be Jolly

I know there are probably tons of people out there that love this time of year, but I really, really LOVE it! Everything that has to do with this time of year makes me so happy. I just feel really happy and blessed, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite things (my computer is having issues so I have no pictures, and no updates for now).
Things that I love:
  • Listening and singing along to Christmas music
  • Going to the stores and watching the hustle and bustle of everyone trying to find gifts.
  • Seeing decorated Christmas trees
  • Driving around looking at Christmas lights
  • Watching all the cheesey Falalala Lifetime Christmas movies while I fold clothes
  • Winter storms
  • Drinking hot chocolate
  • Cuddling with Had under a blanket while watching a Christmas movie
  • Even though I'm done with school, and Had is basically done with school, I still get excited when I hear that schools are being canceled
  • Wrapping Christmas presents secretly
  • Taking a walk outside at night when everything is white with snow and the sky is so light
  • Making (and eating) Christmas goodies
  • That Jeter is old enough that I can threaten that Santa won't bring him toys if he's naughty
  • Christmas shopping for kids
  • Nativity Scenes
  • Christmas Parties (to an extent)
  • Spending time with family
  • Decorating for Christmas
  • Teaching Jete about Baby Jesus and the real Christmas story
  • Watching huge snow flakes fall
  • Being snowed in
  • Seeing the "giving spirit" in people
  • Reading Christmas books
  • Watching Jerzi's eyes light up every morning when I bring her downstairs and she sees the Christmas tree
  • Making gingerbread houses
  • Making paper snowflakes
  • Hearing little kids say what kind of a present they would give to Jesus.

I know there are tons more things that I love about this season, but these are just the ones off the top of my head. I am sad that we're not going to be able to go home and spend time with our families for Christmas this year, but I'm also really excited to have our own Christmas and start are own traditions. It has already been so fun and I have been able to enjoy all this stuff a lot more instead of just running from place to place. I love my husband and my sweet kids more than ever and I'm very grateful to have them with me. I'm especially grateful for the Savior and what he's done for me and for the chance we have to celebrate his birth.