Monday, August 31, 2009

A celebration is in order!!!

Who wants to celebrate with us? The famous "Mad Lady" that we've told so many of you about finally moved out!!! We are so excited. Jete can walk, run, play, throw a ball, and even fall down without us having to worry about her breaking through our floor. Whoever wants to come over and play games, and bring their kids, no worries anymore. :) It was a momentous day as they packed up the Uhaul. Jete watched them load it up practically all day and kept saying, "Mad Lady, moving. YAY!!" Then when they finally drove away, he was standing on the edge of a chair and he stops and looks at me and asks, "Mad Lady gone?" I told him yes and he gets a big smile and jumps off, then stomps across the living room floor. It's hard not to laugh at this little munchkin and how much he understands.

We're also celebrating cuz Jete is wearing big boy undies! We potty trained him last week and i think it's safe to say that he's officially potty trained. Wahoo!!! He did so good. At first he didn't want to have anything to do with his undies, but after a few minutes, he liked them and only asked for a diaper when he needed to go the bathroom. Of course we said no, and by that first night, he already figured out that he can use this potty thing to his advantage. He kept calling us into his room and telling us he needed to go potty. So we'd rush him in and sometimes he'd go a tiny bit, sometimes not at all. He just wanted to get out of bed. Finally after 2 hours of playing this fun game, he went to sleep. I'll tell ya, this kid is too smart for his own good.

By the second day, he had it figured out and knew he wasn't supposed to go in his undies. He was a little too good though. He wouldn't go poop on the potty, and basically after the 5th day of no pooping, laxatives, and one million false alarms, we had to give him an enema. We put a diaper on him for that, and he still wouldn't go in the diaper. He knew he needed to go on the potty, but just kept holding it in. Poor little guy! I think we got him on the right track now though and all is good. Way to go Jete, we are so proud of you!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Had has been in tests for 3 weeks now, so i can imagine him feeling like screaming. I have been taking care of Jete by myself for 3 weeks now, so i also feel like yelling. (In fact I did. I took it out on my stupid neighbor that keeps banging on our floor cuz Jete running and sometimes even walking across the living room makes too much noise for them to handle themselves.) Jeter has had to put up with me for the last 3 weeks and.....well, he does scream, a lot lately. Wow, it has been a long three weeks. I can't wait for tomorrow when the last test is finally finished!

On a good note, Had is amazing and he's done awesome on all of his tests, even with little time to study, not enough sleep, and no time to eat. During all these tests, he found out he passed his boards, so that is a big relief, but again, no time to celebrate cuz he still had 2 more weeks left of tests. I just have to say that I'm so proud of him and all of the hard work that he puts into this. I don't know how he does it. Well, since it's just been me and Jete at home for the last long while, here's a few pics of us havin fun copying each other.