Monday, March 31, 2014

Camping With A Newborn

We decided to go to our ward camp out when Dash was only 6 weeks old.  We miss camping so bad, and he has been doing really well through the nights, so we figured, why not.  Everyone there looked at us like we were crazy.   Maybe we are a little.  :)  The weather was good (except for when it poured during dinner).  And Dash couldn't have been a better baby.  His pac n play looked like this, empty, because I was afraid he wouldn't stay warm enough.  So I brought him into the sleeping bag with me and Had.  He only woke up once, ate, and went right back to sleep.  But all night long, I constantly kept checking him to make sure he hadn't wriggled out somehow or that he wasn't getting suffocated from all the blankets.  He did awesome, me, not so much.  I was awake most of the night worrying.  But it was still fun.

The next morning, everyone got up for breakfast, and me and Dash got to stay in the tent and cuddle and sleep.  Ahh, lazy mornings, the outdoors, and snuggling my cute baby, life is great!

Such a good boy!  And the little flannel shirt!  LOVE!  Nursing in the car, not so much!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is one of my kid's favorite holidays.  It's quickly becoming lower on my totem pole.  With a new baby, and waking up in the night to feed him, I just didn't think I could muster up enough energy to make it exciting for them.  But at the last minute, that tricky little leprechaun came to our house and made a mess once again.  This time he left a yummy pot of gold, some new lucky charms, (he decided to help himself and eat a bowl), and a glow in the dark ring for Jerzi, glowstick for Jeter, and St. Patrick's Day socks for me and Had.

This little munchkin got to enjoy the festivities too!

Ok, so enjoy might be the wrong word.  Let's go with participate.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Ice Storm

A giant ice storm rolled through Houston.  We were pretty excited.  This is as close as we get to snow around here.  The whole city was talking about it, and all the reports on tv, radio, and internet were telling us to stay indoors and to not drive on the roads.  It was a pretty big deal for this warm-weathered city.  The schools were all very concerned and sent emails out like crazy, reminding us that it was going to get "really cold" the next few days and to make sure we layered up our clothes and wore warm coats.  The best part was school got canceled, and a thick layer of ice sealed Had's car shut, so he didn't have to go to work either.  PLAY DAY!!!!

We laughed and laughed at all the warnings.  A little ice on the roads?  Big deal.  They obviously have never been to Rexburg, where it snows and gets packed down and turns to ice for the rest of the 6 month winter.  Well here, the ice was basically all melted by about 9:00 a.m., which made it even funnier.  It reminded us of the good old days, when we would get out of school for it being below -20* and then having it warm up for the rest of the day and it seemed like we would just get a day off.  Or when they would predict a huge snow storm, call off school because of the prediction, and then nothing would ever happen.  Snow days were the best!

And now that we live in Texas, I thought my kids would never understand what it was like to pray for a huge snowstorm to come on the day of a big test.  Or to get an extra long Christmas vacation because of temperatures below -20*.  I thought they would never get the excitement of listening to the radio, waiting for your school to be announced that it was closed due to bad weather.  Turns out we just need to pray for ice!!!

Here's our tree in the front yard.  It's kinda weird to see a tree with green leaves on it being weighed down by icicles!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Personality at 2 weeks old

Here are a few of my favorite pics of our sweet baby Dash in his first couple weeks of life, showing us glimpses of his personality in the future.

The tired baby
(I don't know what it is about babies yawning, but I absolutely LOVE it!)

The athletic baby

The thoughtful baby

The peaceful baby

The bashful baby

I can't hardly take it.  I'm so excited to watch him grow into his little personality, but I love him being just a baby.  I wish they would stay this little for a long long time!