Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That Dang Leprechaun!

We had been talking about St. Patrick's Day, and leprechauns before St. Patrick's Day got here. We talked about how you have to wear green or you'll get pinched. We talked about leprechauns and how they are just little tiny guys. And they're tricky and sneaky. We talked about how they love gold, and if you catch them, they have to tell you where they keep their gold. That's when we decided we should try and catch a leprechaun!

We made a trap for a leprechaun, in case one decided to come to our house.
We made a giant fake leprechaun hat, and went out for a walk and gathered up sticks to make the ladder. Then we put some gold up on top of the hat so the leprechaun was sure to climb to the top, even though we made a sign that says not to climb the ladder. (They love to break rules too.)

Here's how the trap works:

Once the leprechaun climbs the ladder, he'll step on the top of the hat (which is a fake top) to grab the gold, and he'll fall into the giant hat and be stuck until we let him out. Then he'll have to tell us where his gold is.

So we went to bed that night, and woke up on St. Patrick's Day to this...
little leprechaun footprints all over the house!

In Jete's words, "Mom, that dang leprechaun! He stood on our toilet, and made our toilet water GREEN!!!"

He wreaked havoc all through the house! Our furniture was turned upside down, our milk was green and he left little notes that said things like Can't Catch Me, and I hope You're Wearing Green.
He hid clues all over the house that took them on a hunt for gold. Jeter and Jerzi each found a bag of "gold" at the end.
Again, from Jete, "That dang leprechaun thinks that these gold wrappers (Twix and Rolos) are real gold. But it's ok, cuz I like his kind of gold."

Turns out our trap didn't work. There was a note inside the hat along with some
Honey Mustard Rold Gold Pretzels for everyone. The note said, "You'll have to try harder than that to catch me!"
Dang it!
Well after they found their gold and the excitement from the leprechaun had died down a little bit, I started making breakfast, and what do ya know?
That dang leprechuan had turned our eggs and pancakes green too! So i decided to make a clover pancake for each of us, since it was already green. The kids weren't too thrilled with the idea of eating green pancakes and eggs, and both of them thought about eating cereal instead. But after I convinced them that it was still good, and I showed them that I would eat them too, they finally ate them.

After breakfast, we made fruit loop rainbows.

(It's a little ironic that Jerzi happened to have a green football jersey so she could still wear green. I'm tellin ya, she's a little out of control with them.)

Their final project.

Hadley had to work so he missed all the excitement the leprechaun had caused, so we had to have a little St. Patty's Day food when he got home.

With all the messes the leprechaun had made, I wasn't very happy to clean all of it up. So I put Jeter and Jerzi to work. A little neighbor boy came over while they were scrubbing floors and was intrigued by the lelprechaun's mischief, so all three of them talked of leprechauns as they scrubbed my floors. Ahhh, I love holidays!

And I love PINTEREST!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mirror Mirror

I just saw the previews for this movie, and I want to go see it.

Snow White definitely wasn't one of my favorites growing up, in fact I didn't really like it. But this looks like it will be a cute show.

Plus, I love Julia Roberts.

With that said, we have our own competition going on in our house.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the coolest kid of all?

They both try equally hard.

I can't decide who wins.

(I nearly died when they started dancing up against the wall.)

These two make me laugh. I love them to pieces!

And I love to kiss their squishy cheeks off.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Campin in January....Wahaha

We got a tent for Christmas this year! We were dying to try it out. So when I got back from Idaho, we decided to have a campout in our own backyard.

These guys were so excited!
(Don't ya love Jerzi's football jersey over the top of her pajamas? This is a regular occurrence at our house. She has to wear a jersey, everywhere, even to bed. Although it gets really annoying..... like when we have to fight her to take it off for church or to go places and have her look semi-little girlish, me and Had both secretly love it. haha )

What's a campout without hot dogs, chips, phones, smiles, and...


Oh how we love us some SMORES!

Jete took a fabulous pic of us.

Jete and Jerz seriously were on cloud 9! They were having so much fun. We had to keep telling them to not be so loud cuz they were yelling and squealing and laughing so loud....and our neighbors house is a whole 10 feet away.

We made a little snack tray and ate and ate, and laughed, and talked.

(Our sad attempt at a family pic in the tent.)

And we all watched Incredibles.

This is definitely my idea of a perfect night with my family. And to think, we were camping in our backyard in January. And we all got too hot during the night.

I LOVE Texas!

I'm excited for tons more good times and memories that come along with our new tent!