Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nothin like HOME!!!

I got to go home for a week and a half because my brother Bud got married. It was so fun, yet so hard to be away from Had that long. This was the longest we'd ever been apart. I hate being away from him, but he couldn't come with me because he has finals coming up, so he had to stay and study. It was fun to see all my family and Had's family again, and to be back in Idaho where everything is familiar. You make a trip to Wal Mart and see people that you know down just about every aisle. It's amazing all the little things you realize you miss once you go away for awhile. Besides all the people, I think the main thing I miss is the clean air. Way too many people smoke here in Ohio, including the people that live below us. I can't stand it! But anyways, we had a great trip and I can't wait for the summer, where me and Had get to go home together!!! While i was home, I got to visit with family, friends, go to my neice's birthday party (she's 3 months older than Jeter), go through a session at the Rexburg temple, see my brother get married, meet his fiance/wife for the first time, meet one of my new nephews for the first time, and got to see another little nephew get blessed. He is such a cutie. Take a look at this picture. What a cutie pie huh?

While we were at my sister's house, her kids were out riding their little 50's. Hadley has been so excited to take Jete out on the motorcycle this summer, so I had to hurry and beat him to the punch and take Jete on his first motorcycle ride. He loved it.

Annalee took this picture at the wedding. Cute huh? But don't let this cute face fool you, he is turning into a monster. He gets into everything there is. It's so funny to watch him. He knows which things he's not supposed to touch or get into, and when he sees them out, or when you turn your back, he crawls as fast as he can to them. I mean fast, as in he's panting and breathing so hard when he gets done. He sounds like he just got done working out. Then he cheeses it at you when he gets there before you do, and does whatever it is he's not supposed to. It's hilarious, but i'm a little nervous for when he learns how to walk. How am i gonna get mad at this cute mug?

The Newlyweds

My little brother Bud (Kevin is his real name, but no one calls him that), got married! It's pretty crazy to think that he's married now, but it was so fun to get to go home and see them. They are a such a cute couple don't ya think? We are excited to have Audrey be a part of our family. I was also really lucky to be able to go through the Rexburg temple with them, and i mean lucky. HAHA, if you were there, you know what i mean. Well, congrats to the Newlyweds!!! Here's some cute pics of them. Annalee Taylor took their pictures, so cute!!! She did a great job. Their shoes picture is one of my favorites.

The fam

Here's all of the boys in my family, except not Had. He was studyin his life away in Ohio.

All of my sisters, with our new sister Audrey.

He can't get away from all of us girls!

Brothers and sisters, from oldest to youngest

Some of the cute grandkids, waiting at the temple for Bud and Audrey to come out.

Friday, April 25, 2008

St. Louis Rams

A few weeks ago, we got to go to St. Louis, Missouri and help babysit/play with Hadley's little cousins. They love sports more than any other kids I've ever seen. They know everything about sports, and know how to play them (dang good) as well, and they're only 3, 5, and 7 years old! So we played with them while their parents went on a vacation. It was a lot of fun. Well, this uncle of Had's coaches for the Rams, which just so happens to be Had's favorite NFL team ever since he was little. And when they got back from their vacation, they took us to the Rams practice facilities. It was so cool to see and be in the place where all of these amazing athletes practice every day. Thanks Mike and Jill! Here are a few pics.

The weight room

Here's their locker room. It is huge. It was pretty interesting to see what some of the players keep in their lockers.

This is Torry Holt's locker(s), a team captain and Wide Receiver.

Both of these corner lockers are his. I don't think anyone else had 2 lockers. Look how many shoes!!!

I thought this room was kinda cool. Back in those files, they keep all of the college football games, so they can look at any game they need to for recruiting.

Had and Jete just hangin out in Coach Linehan's office.

This is the indoor practice field, and us laying on the 5 yard line.

(They're gonna do a lot better this year....hopefully)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dying Easter Eggs

We actually dyed eggs before Easter, but it takes me awhile to post, so here they are now. We thought it would be fun to let Jeter dye some eggs too. We gave him the first egg, and he was just lovin life.

Had "helped him" put it in the dye, and woops....not so happy anymore. He did NOT want to give up his egg.

We quickly dyed a few and gave them to him, and no worries, happy boy again!

A lovely assortment of colorful Easter eggs, don't ya think? Jete's is the blue one, Had's are the boring plain ones, and mine are all the cool ones. :) (There were a few more that Had did, but he just couldn't wait anymore, he ate them as soon as he got done dying them.)

I wanted to get some pictures of Jete with the eggs. So here he is, lookin all cute and innocent, just playin with the eggs.

I walked around the table to get another angle, and I see this. He's off to the races. Who will win? Will Jete get there first, or will Mommy cut him off?

You guessed it, JETER WON!!!