Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valentines 2013

Jeter and Jerzi got invited to do a valentines exchange with a big group of their friends.  So we made little mailboxes to hold their valentines, and headed off to the party.  It was really cute to watch all the little kids get so excited about giving each other these fun little valentines, and to see Jete and Jerz's eyes light up when they saw how full their mailboxes were.

(I wasn't quite as excited to see Jeter's knees ruined in his pants from playing outside with all the kids.  Oh well, it's just clothes right?)

For the rest of they day, we kinda just chilled and ate a lot of candy while Had was at work.  

For me, each holiday is all about the food!
I love having a reason to do fun things with our food, and it always makes all of us a lot more excited to eat it for some reason.  
Our little valentine dinner.

After dinner, we played and then put the kids to bed early so me and Had got to spend a little time to ourselves.  Had spoiled me with gifts this year.  As I realized how much money he was spending, I felt a little sick inside, but that didn't stop me from loving all of it.  :)  I'm so excited for it all!  It was a great day and I love my family so much.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Car Show

 I guess one of the perks of living in a big things happen here sometimes.The Houston Auto Show was here and because we're such "valued" customers of GMC, they sent us free tickets to it in the mail.    Neither me or Had are really that into cars, but it was something different that we don't get to normally do, and kinda cool to go see all these crazy cars.  
It wasn't quite as fun for us as it could have been, cuz without even thinking, we brought our kids along.  Just imagine about 50 billion people in a building....and you can actually get in almost all the cars.  Then picture your husband wandering to whatever car he wants to check out, and kids splitting in different directions to get in their "favorite" car.  Yeah, I was a little nervous the whole time and worried they were gonna get lost, taken, or scratch a car that we could never pay for.  They had fun though, and none of those things happened, (except for me worrying), so I guess it was a pretty good little outing.

If anyone couldn't guess, this was Jerzi's favorite thing there.  She loved that it was pink, and begged us to buy it for her. 

Jete loved this jeep.  He said he wants one when he gets bigger, so he can ride without a top or doors, and go wherever he wants.  

Here's some of the crazy cars we saw.