Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas Vacation: Part 2, Jerzi's Blessing

While we were home, we got to bless our sweet little Jerzi. We blessed her and our nephew Deegan on the same day, 2 days after Christmas, so all of our families were able to make it (sort of). We got ready for church at Had's dad's house. I got Jerzi fed right before we left so she would be happy and content throughout the blessing, and hopefully the meeting too. Then we got to church and Hadley blessed her and gave an awesome blessing and she was just as sweet as can be and didn't cry or poop all over her clothes like Jeter did. She just smiled at everyone as she was passed around to all the different people during the meeting. Usually on a special day like this, something is bound to go wrong, so we were pretty excited and happy that everything was going so good, and smoothly.

That is until we heard about this!!! Our poor little nephews were playing around at my parents house before church started, and they collided and both ended up in the E.R. One got stitches and one got staples. How sad huh?

So here's some promised pics for those that had other matters to attend to.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas Vacation: Part 1

We were lucky enough to get to go home again for Christmas. Hadley got just about a 2 1/2 week break. So after some rough plane rides/layovers/missing our connecting flights due to weather, we finally made it to Rexburg, where we got to spend time with family and friends. It was a nice vacation and we got to do a little bit of everything while we were there. We got to eat a lot of good food, bless Jerzi, go to Had's brother's wedding, go running, go on a date, go shopping, play basketball (only Had got to, :( i guess the tournament wasn't for girls), get family pics (a lot of them), go on a sleigh ride, watch football and basketball, and hang out with friends and family.
We're always crazy busy, but that's what we've come to expect and love about the Christmas season. It wouldn't feel like Christmas if we weren't running from house to house and party to party. The kids were good and loved all the attention they got. It was hard for us to get Jeter to leave each house cuz he LOVED playing with his aunts, uncles, and cousins. Meanwhile, Jerzi was learning some bad habits, like having to be held to fall asleep. Anyways, we had a lot going on, so I have a lot of pictures. So these pics are mainly Christmas pictures. More to come.

Jete got to sit on Santa's lap. He didn't cry, but he also didn't change his face expression the whole time he was up there. He told Santa he wanted a green truck. Poor little Jerzi didn't get to sit on his lap. She was sleeping, and I was not about to wake her up. She had an ear infection at the time, and wasn't the happiest baby.

Here's a bunch of the grandkids posing with Santa at the famous Crapo shrimp dinner party.

I just had to post a pic of Jerzi so she doesn't feel left out that she's not in any of the pictures. Plus, I love the outfit. haha

We spent Christmas Eve at Had's Dad's house. A tradition we have is to open up pajamas that night. So here's a pic of all of us in our matching jammies.

Ashton and Jete couldn't stop tackling each other long enough to look at the camera. Wow were they sweaty after all their running and tackling in those fleece pajamas.

Awe, how cute are we?

I had to put up a pic of this, because well...this is what Jete was doing the entire vacation...Picking his nose!!! HAHA We couldn't get him to stop. At one point, I overheard Ashton saying to Jete, "Jete you have to stop! There's no more boogies up there."

Christmas morning. We let him sleep in this year so he would actually enjoy opening his presents and it worked! He loved it. When he got done opening all of them, he turns to us and says, "I need more!" He got spoiled rotten, and that's his reply. Nice.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

They definitely learn....somethin

Last week for Family Home Evening, we were teaching Jete about the Word of Wisdom. We taught him how you need to eat good foods to keep you healthy, and how your not supposed to eat and drink some things. Some of the things we talked about not drinking were coffee, tea, and alcohol. When we got done with the lesson, Had was quizzing him to see if he understood any of it. Their conversation went something like this:
Had: Are we supposed to drink coffee and tea?
Jete: Nooo
Had: Are we supposed to drink water and milk?
Jete: Yeah
Had: Are we supposed to drink pop?
Jete: Yeaaah!!! (with a big grin on his face)

About a half hour later,
Had: Jete, what are we not supposed to drink?
Jete: Don't drink pee!!!

HAHA Well, I'm glad he's learning something from our Family Home Evening Lessons.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thanksgiving in Vegas

Yes, i know we just had Christmas and New Years but i never posted about Thanksgiving, and it was WONDERFUL! And so i must.

We went to Las Begas (as Jete calls it) and Had's parents rented a house to stay in for the whole family. I think there were 16 of us staying here. This house was awesome, and we had so much fun just hangin out and relaxing there!

We (Ok, everyone else but me. I was feeding my baby every second.) cooked Thanksgiving dinner there at the house, and it was scrumptious! We had it all, turkey, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, and everything, along with way too many pies that we never finished cuz we were all too full.

The house had a hot tub and a swimming pool and every night we would go out and hang out in the pools. Nothin like goin swimmin outside in November.

This picture makes me laugh. The whole time we were there Maycer was so excited to play with Jeter, she picked him up and carried him everywhere. He didn't seem to mind. He was in heaven having her undivided attention.

One of the days all 16 of us packed up and went on a ride. Even the two new little babies came along. The first ride that Had took Jete on was in the razor. Well, they got stuck. When he tried to get out, he was spinning the tires and sprayed sand all over them. Jete got a little scared from that little incident, so he didn't really love the rest of the rides. In fact, he still talks about it today, getting stuck in the sand and getting sprayed all over. But he loves his own little battery powered four wheeler now more than ever. He tries to do wheelies on it, he puts pillows down to ride over bumps, and I've even caught him trying to side-hill.

The infamous Razor

All the boys on a ride with Vegas in the background

Crazy Broc and Brayden jumped this thing over and over again! I think their wives were about to have a heart attack. That little canyon isn't so little in real life.

The whole fam (minus John, he's taking the picture)

Thank you so much John and Melissa. We had such a fun time and we loved every second of it!