Friday, October 9, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Yep, i got a list of excuses why I haven't updated my blog for awhile, and i'd say they are all mainly pretty good ones too, but really, who cares? So i'll skip the excuses and give a little update and some pics.

Everything is good. Had, Jete, and myself are all doing pretty good. We just moved into a three bedroom townhouse, so we're adjusting to that, and loving the bigger space. I'm not loving the stairs at this point with my huge bellied self, but other than that, we like it. Jete missed our old apartment for the first little bit. When we drove past it a couple of times, we had conversations that went something like this,
Jete: "Mommy, go home."
I would say, "That's our old home. We don't live there anymore."
Jete: "New apartment home?"
Me: "Yep, our new apartment is our home now."
Jete: "Don't want that new apartment."

It really made me sad and feel bad for him but i think he's liking it a lot better now, and he loves to run around, stomp, and jump off the couches.... and i love letting him. It's nice to have 3 bedrooms so our new little baby can have her own room. I'm getting it all put together and i think it's gonna be pretty cute, so i'm excited about that. We also moved Jete into a big bed. He loves it, but i think mainly cuz he can get out now. Well, other than Had is taking finals right now, and I'm pretty much huge and ready to have a baby, those are the updates for now.

Here's some pics of what else we have been up to:

We went to a good high school football game. Jete was loving life, even after he slipped on the bleachers and hit his eye.

He got a sweet ol' black eye from it. We told him he looks tough now, so here he is, showin us how tough he is.

This is a week after it happened.

Had's mom and little sister came here while we were moving. It's always fun to have family come. But they were both such a huge help to me! Maycee played with Jete the whole time and Melissa helped move all of our crap and get things organized while Had was at school. Thanks again guys, we love you!

Earlier this year, Had was so sweet and surprised me with a new bike. He said it was a "Happy I Love You Day" (the best kind of day). Well, we all got new bikes, and due to some pregnancy and having kid issues that i have, this was my main form of exercise for the last few months. Although, i don't feel like it really counts as exercise, it was fun to go on bike rides with my cute little family. It's starting to get colder here and I think it's almost time to put them up until next spring. It makes me sad to put them away. Here's a few pics of some of our rides that i'll miss.