Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Had's birthday was last weekend! He's one year older and wiser too according to him. We didn't have a huge celebration, but we did celebrate it all weekend long. Last year he had a test week during our birthdays, so it was fun to be able to actually spend time with him this year. Friday we went out to eat with some friends at a little restaraunt that served wild game (yeah, i was his birthday though) a couple days out of the year. We got a platter that had wild boar, elk steak, quail, and venison (deer meat). I'm proud to say, i tried all of it but the elk steak, cuz it was dripping with blood, and that makes me want to vomit. Had ate everything, including what was on some of the other couples plates. (Just in case his parents were wondering if he changed any of those habits, uh that'd be a negative.) I definately think he'd survive out in the wilderness!
Saturday was his actual birthday, and we started the day off right by being woken up by Jete crying. Then I left and let Had and Jete have some special bonding time, since they don't get that too often....ok, so i went to the church for enrichment, but i'm sure they bonded. :) Then later that evening we got to go to a high school football playoff game. We were pretty excited about this, cuz both teams are nationally ranked. We got a babysitter for Jete, got all bundled up, and went out with friends. We got some hot chocolate, nachos, and pizza, and settled down to watch the game under some blankets, only to realize we were the only white people in the stands! Good times. The game was really close, but kinda a little boring cuz both teams were so good on defense, that neither team could ever move the ball.

Game over, 8-7. Whoopee!
We finshed off his birthday weekend by playing games and having birthday cake with some of our friends on Sunday. It was a fun weekend! Ok, I'm not really the mushy type, but i really love him so much! He is the best husband and dad i could ever imagine and i have so much fun with him. I'm so lucky to have him in my life, and i look forward to the many more birthdays i get to celebrate with him.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

I love Halloween and I love seeing all the little kids in their costumes. I had a hard time finding a costume that i loved for Jete to wear. They are all pretty cute, but there's not a lot of unique ones. Well, i finally thought of one. The only trouble was that i'm not so crafty and i didn't know where to find a chef's outfit. I couldn't find one, so i had to make it. Ern, thanks for the idea on the jacket. It turned out to be pretty easy, especially for someone that doesn't know what she's doing.

We dressed Jete up last year, but he was only 3 months old, so this time he got to go out trick or treating and actually get candy for us. Yeah! Anyways, i really love Halloween and trick or treating, so i wanted to document Jete's first time trick or treating.

Starting out, he didn't know what to think. We just put the hat on him and weren't sure how long it would stay on. He doesn't like to wear hats, so i was a little nervous, but he didn't immediately pull it off. Yay!

The full outfit.

Trick or Treat!

Here's some of Jete's friends that he went trick or treating with. A cute little chick and monkey.
Jeter didn't really understand the whole concept at first. He would walk up to the people and they would hold out the candy for him, and he would just look at it. After a little bit, (we let him eat one of the candies after he got it) then he started figuring things out. He started having fun once he figured out they were giving him treats!

Off to the next house!


When he saw this box out in the middle of the driveway, he knew exactly what to do! He started unloading all the good stuff. Too bad the people that owned the house and treats were sitting out in their driveway watching, so we couldn't let him take them all. :( Dang it. We all got a good laugh though.

The best Halloween costume i saw goes to Huey, Duey, and Luey from Ducktails. I'm sad i didn't get a picture of them. They were the cutest little things with a big ol' duck bum waddlin around. Loved it!!! What were some of the cute ones you guys saw?