Friday, August 23, 2013

Splashway Water Park

Last summer we went to this fun little water park and have wanted to go back ever since.  It's seriously so great for kids.  So we went back this summer, and Jeter and Jerzi were tall enough this year to ride all of the slides but one!  It's reasonably priced for a water park, AND you get to bring in your own food and coolers. 

Had made sure our little fair-skinned beauties were protected.
Not sure if he got enough.

We ate lunch, would go swim and play, come back for snacks, swim and play, and come back for more snacks and drinks.  It made such a huge difference to be able to bring in your own food!  Plus I may have packed enough food and snacks for a family of 8....for 2 days.

Jete did pretty good at the ropes course, didn't even fall once.

We weren't the smartest with Jerz.  The first ride we took her on, on accident of course, happened to be the scariest one, an enclosed skinny tube, and pitch black.  She didn't like it at all, and we had to force her to go down the other "easy" slides.  

Here's Had and Jete racing.  
This was by far the funnest slide.  You ride on a mat, so your back doesn't get scraped by every little seam in the slide, like the other slides.  Plus, you fly down it!   

Jerz didn't dare to do it for a long time.  So me and Had took turns racing Jete down it, while one of us sat with Jerz and watched.

While we waited for them, Jerz played on the little kid slides and started having a lot more fun.  Pretty soon, she got daring enough to go down the big purple and white one with us.  After she went once, she loved it, and wanted to go down it a million times. We went on it over and over, until the park closed.  Good times at Splashway Park!  We love summer, water, food, slides, and going fast!!!
It was a perfect day!