Monday, March 23, 2009

A bad week

The week started off a little like this...

Then after coughing, puking, diarrhea, and fever for a few days, he got to this stage....

When his fever finally broke and he quit throwing up, we thought that things would start getting better, but nope. He started coughing like crazy, wouldn't eat anything, and wanted to sleep all day long for the next 3 days. He would literally beg for his bed. We would try and keep him awake, and he would fall asleep wherever he was. After a visit to an urgent care, the E.R., his pediatrician, a chest x-ray, 5 breathing treatments, medication, and more puking, we only got 5 different diagnosis....pneumonia, RSV, dehydration, bronchiolitis, and a sinus infection with the flu. Lovely doctors, lovely.

After he finally got on the right medication, he was almost instantly better, and is a happy little boy again, YAY!!! St. Patty's Day was the first day in one week that he actually smiled and wanted to run around. The weather was so nice that day, I took him out and played outside with him as long as he could last. We're so happy to have our little boy healthy and happy again.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break at Kalahari

Hadley finished another round of tests, doing awesome as always, then started Spring Break! We started it out by having our friends Josh and Karlie come and stay with us for the weekend. It was fun getting to see them again. Then we went to a car show, and some outlet malls. We went to Kalahari (a big indoor waterpark) last year for spring break and decided we wanted to do it again this year. So we packed up and stayed there for 3 days. It was fun to get away by ourselves for awhile. When we got tired of swimming we'd go back to our hotel room and lounge, then go back and swim until we got tired again. We thought Jete would have a lot more fun this year, since he was only 8 months old last time we went.

I looked up and saw Jete, thinkin he was the king of this place.

"The King" taking over someone else's cabana.

We couldn't let Jete have all the fun. This is one of our favorite rides. We call it the toilet bowl. Ya never know how your gonna get dumped out, but one thing is for sure, my swimming suit came off every time i went down. For some reason there is always a boy lifeguard at the bottom. Hmmm. Hopefully it was too splashy to see anything.

This wave pool is one of my favorites too. Had and Jete didn't like it as much. When Jete would get sick of swimming, they would go sit on the chairs and eat snacks and watch while i played in the waves.

Here's a few of Jete's favorites...

So we thought that he would like it more this year cuz he was older, but this was a common theme while we were there....

him running out of the pools

and playing "get you" on dry ground.