Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas Top 15

We got to go home for Christmas and we loved it! We had lots of people to visit and spend time with and the 3 weeks that we were there wasn't nearly enough time, but we were happy to have 3 weeks this year, since we only got 1 1/2 weeks last year. I was thinking about my favorite thing about going home for the holidays, and i thought of way too many favorites, so here they are, the top 15 in no particular order:

1)All the activities we do-whether we're snowmobiling, sledding, bowling, or swimming, I LOVE it!

2) Kids with Santa- Every year i love to see the kids with Santa. I like to try and predict which ones will sit on his lap willingly, which ones will cry, and which ones will give Santa a list of things they want.

3)Doggie Piles- Need i say more?

4) Christmas Parties- We have so many of them, but it wouldn't be like Christmas if we didn't.

5) Christmas Morning- Jete loved opening and getting presents. After he opened a couple with some cool toys inside, he thought they were all for him and tried to get everybody's presents.

6) Cousin Baths-Although the water gets disgustingly gross, especially after chocolate birthday cake, it's so fun to let the kids bath together and watch them play.

7) Uncles taking time for Jete- aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma's, and grandpa's too!

8) Family- I love getting to just hang out with my family, and Had's family. These two pics are at my parent's house. There was a total of 28 of us there, all staying in the same house. It's insane, but I love it and I'm gonna be so sad when we can't all stay under the same roof!!!

9) Cousins Playing- All the kids around Jete's age just loved the stairs. They played on these like crazy. Jete's the one at the bottom, cheering for himself that he made it down first. :) Just kidding. (That was for you Linds) HAHA

10) Daddy and Jete time- I love watching these two play together and spending time together. I think Had is super excited cuz it looks like Jete is going to share the love of snowmachines with him. He LOVED them and cried when we would pull him off to go inside.

And i don't have pictures for these last 5, but they can't be left off my list.
11) Getting my hair done- I have a wonderful mother in-law that does my hair whenever i want her to. She does such a good job, and there's nothing better than getting my nasty roots fixed. :)
12) Mi Casa's (Plum Loco)- My favorite Mexican Restaurant ever!
13) Going to the cabin-We get to stay in a cabin every year with Had's family. It's so relaxing and fun to just hang out, read, watch movies, games, play rockband, eat a lot of good food, and snowmobile.
14) Homemade Gifts- My family has to make the present for whoever's name we have. It's pretty much torch to try and think of what to make, or to actually make it, but it's so fun to see what everyone came up with. I look forward to this every year!
15) Good Food- There's treats and goodies everywhere you look, and homemade meals that i don't have to make! Heaven!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fam for Thanksgiving

(I know this happened awhile ago, but I've been gone, busy, and lazy, and that's just how i do things sometimes. Our Christmas pics might be on by Valentines Day.)

Since we've been out here in Ohio, both of our Thanksgivings have been so good! We have been lucky and blessed that we got to spend both of them with family. Last year we went to my sister's house in Maryland, and this year Had's family got to come out here to our little home. I loved both years and hope we get to continue the tradition of spending time with family for Thanksgiving. It was fun to spend time with Had's fam and the dinner was pretty good too if i do say so myself. Everyone helped with the dinner, even Had's little sister Maycee got in on some cookin action. She got to make a banana cream pie and was so excited to help.

It was actually kinda funny to all be working in our tiny little kitchen at once. As you can see, you don't have much bum room. :)

The Feast

We went to Kirtland while they were here and visited all the church history sites. This is in front of the N.K. Whitney Store.

Thanks again for coming, we love you guys!!! Any other peeps that want to come see us, feel free, we'd love it.