Monday, December 12, 2011


Jerzi's teeth have always came in way later than other kids. So when her top teeth finally started coming in, we started noticing a bump kind of to the side but up on top of her front tooth. Well, for awhile we thought it was the tooth that was supposed to come in right next to the front tooth, that was just growing in crooked. But then those two lateral teeth just outside of the the 2 front teeth came in, basically at the same time. So we were left wondering what the heck this bump was. It was there for a few months, without ever breaking through the gums. Then one day it broke through and of course it was another tooth, turned sideways. Poor Jerz. She had what we call a snaggletooth.

We took her to a pediatric dentist and they said she has an extra front tooth. Sweet huh? They told us to bring her in after she turned 2 years old (so they can give her gas), to pull it out. So here she is on the way to the dentist to get it yanked out. Poor thing, she has no idea what's about to happen to her.

(Sorry, not a real good picture of it)

The dentist told me that after they give her the gas, Jerzi will be nice and relaxed and mellow as they do the extraction. But after giving her the gas, I would have to leave the room because too many parents can't handle watching.
I'd like to say that things went really smooth after that, and she did so good throughout the whole thing. But that would be a lie. She was terrible! She was freaking out when they put the gas mask on her, screaming, kicking, banging her head against the chair, trying to pry their hands off her and the mask. The dentist kept saying to me "Ok, in just a second she should start calming down."

She never did. She just kept on keepin on. They didn't tell me to leave like they said they were gonna do, instead they had me hold down her arms and legs. One assistant was holding down her head. Another assistant was holding down her shoulders. All the while, the dentist was poking, sawing, burning and pulling. Jerz screamed and fought the ENTIRE time, and kept yelling out "Hurting me! Momma, hurting me!" It was the worst thing ever. She kept looking at me like, why aren't you helping me? The dentist kept assuring me that they weren't hurting her, that she was numb, but I'm not sure I believe it. They did get it out though, and according to the dentist, "everything went great, and she should have a beautiful smile."

Here's an after photo, one week after she got it taken out, when her gums had healed up a little bit. I'm a little sad I didn't take a pic right after it got taken out. She looked a little like she was a crack head, with missing teeth, black stuff (dried blood, or burned gums, I'm not sure which) on and between her teeth. Hopefully now, the rest of her teeth will start growing in, and will grow in normal.


  1. Glad that was you and not me!!

  2. Oh the poor little thing, how sad! Glad it's taken care of though!

  3. oh my heck! i was laughing while reading this whole thing-but really, it is sad! what a tough little cookie Jerz is!

  4. That sounds like the worst thing ever. I am so sorry. Poor Jerz and poor you.

  5. Good luck ever getting her back in the dental chair again. That sounds awful! At least she's smiling now:)

  6. That sounds like torture. From here on I think Jerz should tell a story like this, "When I was two, I had a tooth taken out and I could feel everything." Her kids will think she is really cool. I think my dad tells me these kinds of things all the time.