Sunday, January 5, 2014

Toothfairy Time

While we were in San Antonio for the Ducks game, Jeter lost his very first tooth! We were in a Mexican restaurant and Jeter started complaining that his tooth hurt.   He walked over to Hadley and said, "Dad, it's hard to eat, it keeps hurting when I take bites."  Hadley said, "Let me see."  Jete opened his mouth and Had grabbed it and pulled it out without Jete even noticing.   We all had a good laugh.  And now I feel like my little boy isn't little anymore.  :( 

Jeter was so excited that he lost his first tooth so the tooth fairy could come.  I wasn't really that excited.  I HATE to see them lose their baby teeth.  Their smiles are so cute, sweet, innocent, and white with those little mini teeth.  I feel like once they get their permanent teeth, they are all the sudden grown up. And I usually associate new teeth with the annoying stage of kid's lives.  Haha
For real though, they seem to not be as cute and innocent and their smiles and teeth get all skiwampus.  Here's to hoping I won't feel like that with my own child. ;)

The toothfairy came.  She left Jeter this cute little note and some money.  He was ecstatic!
Yay for the Toothfairy!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bowl Game in San Antonio

It's been pretty sweet living close to San Antonio.  We've gotten to go there a bunch of times, and lucky for us, we got to go again right after Christmas!  So I think I've shared a bunch of times on this blog how much we love the Oregon Ducks.  As we watched them all season long, we thought they were going to play in the championship game for sure.  They were slaughtering every team they played.  Then all the sudden they lost a game to Stanford, then lost another one to the Arizona Wildcats.  So instead of playing for the championship, they ended up playing in the Valero Bowl game, which just so happens to be played in San Antonio!!!  So off we went to meet up with John, Melissa, and Maycer-cat!

We stayed in an awesome hotel/resort thing, which we stayed in last year for Thanksgiving.  It is pretty dang awesome!!!  And it's pretty dang awesome that you can go swimming there... in December!  I opted out of getting in a swimsuit and looking like a giant balloon about to pop, and just relaxed and took pictures.

We stopped at a yummy Mexican restaurant to eat some lunch, then headed over to the stadium.  Everyone was so excited to watch the big game!

Someone threw this quacker thing down the bleachers, so Jerz snatched it up and has been quackin ever since.  Woo, as much as I love the ducks, that thing is so annoying!

Oregon Ducks beat the Texas Longhorns 30-7!  YAY!!!  Go DUCKS!!!