Saturday, March 19, 2011

Memory Lane

It's been awhile, and I have a lot of things to post about... and so it makes me not want to do any of it. So I'm putting those posts off some more, and putting something on here that happened a little while ago, but every time I see these pictures of my poor little Jerzi girl, it makes me feel so sad for her....and it brings back vivid memories of my own childhood days. So I want to have these to remember.
Jerzi got pink eye in January. It was rough. Had was in Texas for interviews, so I had to deal with it myself. Jerzi would wake up with her eye totally glued shut like this, with crap oozing and hardening all around it.

It was so sad to see her like this. Fortunately for me, my parents gave me some responsibilities when I was little. Haha When I was in 4th and 5th grade, me and my younger sister Keri had to get my little sisters ready and take them to the babysitters (she lived a few blocks away and through a field). My youngest sister had pink eye for what seemed like forever and so every morning when we would get her out of bed, her eyes would be glued shut. We would have to get a warm wet wash cloth and "gently" wipe them until it was all cleared out of her eyes.
We never did it gently.
We were always in a huge hurry. (I know, weird right?) And we would wipe them so hard and fast we basically had it down to an art. She would cry but she would cry if we did it gently too, so might as well do it fast. (Looking back on this now we laugh at what we did, and the fact that we even took her to the babysitters with pink eye, and walked them (or ran) through a field... and for some reason it seemed like they never had shoes on. Oh, if our mom only knew....)
I learned what to do, and when my own child got the dreaded pink eye,
I wiped her eyes gently.
She screamed, and I wanted to cry for her.

Her eye was so swollen...

and red, and goopey!

One thing I've learned SINCE my childhood....
you can take them to the doctor and get a prescription,
clears it right up!
(This doctor was fabulous, and gave her and Jete both a hand balloon and made their day.)