Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flag Football Tourney

We LOVE Football!!!

Last year we played in a flag football tournament that Had's school put on for a fundraiser. We won the whole tournament last year, so of course we had to come back this year and show 'em it wasn't a fluke. We won it all again this year! (A little too easily i might add.... championship game score: 40-0.) And to those of you thinking that i am pregnant and shouldn't be playing football....relax, i was very careful. Here's our championship team.

We debated whether we should get a babysitter for Jeter or take him with us and decided that he would probably like to go, so we brought him along for the day. He loved it. He only ran out on the field a couple times to come out and play "catch" with us. He just sat and watched us, ate snacks, and played on the sidelines the whole time. I guess a day's worth of football wore him out cuz he was guzzling the gatorade.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Warm Water = Little Fish

I'm not gonna lie, we were a little nervous that Jete would be afraid of the water after a couple incidents of falling in....he never wanted to get in. He always just wanted to run like crazy all around the pool. Yeah, scary! Anyways, they heated our pool a little warmer than usual and like magic, Jete became a little fish. He loves the water and wants to go swimming every day.

This part gets a little scary. He loves to jump in and he'll just take off running and jump and we better hope that we get there before he does. He's crazy!

He used to hate getting any little splash on him at all. Now here he is kickin his feet and laughing like crazy as he splashes his daddy.

A piggy back ride and then...the escape. I guess he had enough of being held, the little monster.

The floaties had to go on and Jete was off cruizin.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Day!!!

We just found out we are going to be having a little girl!!! We're so excited it's hard to think about anything else. Jeter has been telling us all along that we are going to have a baby girl, but given my family's track record, we thought there was no way. So they triple checked for us when they did the ultrasound. :) It has been so much fun having Jete in our lives that we can hardly wait for this little girl to come. Had says he hopes she's just like Jete, with just as much energy. She's due Nov. 5th, (they moved my due date back 9 days because she is measuring smaller) :( So anyways, we're super excited and oh yeah, to all the peeps that didn't know, SURPRISE, I'M PREGNANT!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Little of Everything

I have been somewhat of a blog slacker lately, and so this is gonna be a little bit about what we have been up to. During Had's finals, me and Jete went home to Idaho for 2 weeks. We loved being there and seeing everyone. Had's younger brother Brayden got home from his mission, and we got to be there to hear his report. While we were home, we went to everyone's everything's. It was so much fun. We got to watch my mom's choir concert, Maycee's dance recital and kindergarten program, Ashton's soccer game, Linzfizz's basketball game, Kenzie's softball games, and help Bird get ready for prom. We rode four-wheelers and Harleys, talked till all hours of the night, took naps, and hung out with everyone. I love being home, breathing fresh non-smoke filled air, and letting Jete go wild at the Grandparents house and not having to worry about the "Mad Lady" getting mad that lives below us. The only thing that would have made our trip better was to have Had there enjoying it all with us. But he kicked some major booty on his tests so i guess it was worth it.

When i got back from Idaho, Had had a week off of school and he was supposed to be studying for his boards, but we had to take advantage of our time together, so he didn't get much studyin done. Oopsies.

At the zoo

We do a lot of this...he loves basketball! Who can blame him right? (In case you didn't know, I miss it like crazy! My scary basketball dreams have started coming back, where i'm late and miss my game, or i can't find my shoes, or i can't make a basket. Only 4 more months until my league starts up again. Wahoo!)

I'm beginning to love dandelions. This is the first one that was ever picked for me by my sweet little Jete.

Pullin it out of his pocket to give to me, aww what a sweet boy!

I love you Jeter!

Taking advantage of the warm nights, sitting around a fire, cookin smores, and roastin hot dogs.