Monday, October 21, 2013

It's Real!

As soon as I became pregnant, I wouldn't let myself get excited.  It's happened a few too many times, where I get pregnant, and then miscarry.  This pregnancy hasn't been like any of my other ones, miscarriage or not.  I didn't get sick.  I didn't feel nauseous.  I wasn't hungry.  I didn't have to eat the second I woke up, or even hours after.  I exercise and don't get tired. 
 I thought for sure, this one wasn't going to make it either.  I waited a few weeks, and then yep, there came the bleeding.  Ughh!
It only happened for 2 days though.  So I wasn't quite sure.

My belly was slightly growing, but still no other symptoms, for a miscarriage, or for a healthy pregnancy.  Hadley kept telling me, "Be happy, you're just getting a really good pregnancy.  You're still pregnant, I know it."  I wanted to believe him, but couldn't fully.  Finally the time came when I could go to the doctor, at 10 weeks.  Hadley and the kids came with me.  We hadn't told the kids anything yet.  I was nervous and kind of expecting them to show me there was no heartbeat.  Had was excited and expecting them to show us that it was twins.  I told the nurse about everything, and her response was "I'm sure everything's fine.  Maybe you're just having twins."

They did the single baby, and there was a heartbeat!  We told the kids that was a baby in my tummy that they were showing us a picture of. They were shocked.  It was kinda funny.  The doc told me that I wasn't out of the scary phase yet, but everything so far looked good.  He said he wanted to see me again in 2 weeks to check on things, but I was going to be in Idaho, so I had to wait.  So we sent out the good news to our family right before I flew out to see them, in case they got suspicious of my growing belly.  Jerzi drew a picture of our family, and this is how we told them.

 I was still nervous things weren't quite right.  I got tired, and that's about as much symptoms as I had of being pregnant.  And I wasn't for sure that I wasn't making that up in my head.  Anyway, I went about my business of playing in Idaho, being a mom, and a wife.  When I got back to Texas, and I went to my dr. appt., they couldn't find the heartbeat.....for like 5 minutes.  The nurse seriously tried forever, and finally she said, " Oh there it is."  I could barely hear anything, just a faint little sound.  I seriously thought she was making it up.  At least there was something there though.  I went away from that appt. feeling a little better, but still unsure.  

My next appointment...finding out the sex of the baby.  I really truly can say I didn't all.  I just wanted to see that everything was ok, and to make sure that it was real.  That our baby was alive, still growing, and doing good. 

Had couldn't make it to the appointment cuz of work, but luckily I had my in-laws here, and Leslie was able to come with me, while Blayne watched the kids.  If I got bad news, I don't know that I could have dealt with it on my own.  We got good news!  The baby is healthy, and is growing at just the right pace.  And we're having a boy!!!  But just to make me worry a little more I think, a high risk pregnancy doctor came in and told me there is something showing up on his heart.  It's called an echogenic intracardiac focus.  It's typically a sign of an increased risk of down syndrome.  But, everything else looks good that shows he doesn't have it, and blood tests came back that everything is normal also.  She said it is very common now to see that in ultrasounds, because of all the high tech stuff they use, and to not worry because everything else looks normal and fine.   She said they don't even need to do a second ultra sound for it.  I'm oh so glad she had to come in and tell me all about it, if I don't need to worry about it.

But now that I've seen the baby, I know that he's healthy, and I can feel him kicking and squirming around, I can happily announce it's real!  We're having a baby boy in February, and we couldn't be happier!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Spud Harvest

Spud Harvest was the greatest thing ever growing up.  It was two weeks where we didn't have school, so the farmers, and students could work out in the fields and harvest their potato crops.  My parents were both teachers, so they took advantage of their time off, the cooler weather and the non-touristy time, and took us on family trips during this time.  As we got older, our family trips died down, and my older siblings worked in the spuds.  I never did.  That's why I loved it.  It was a 2 week vacation for me.  
Well, now that I live in Texas, we of course don't get spud harvest, but our family in Idaho still does.  So we got some visitors, yay!!!  Ashton, Grandpa and Grandma McArthur came to spend time with us during their spud harvest.

Jeter had a baseball game the day after they got here. Grandpa was so excited to watch him play.  I loved to see how excited he was to watch him.  He kept telling Les to get out there and take some more pictures of him.  Well Jeter was first up to bat, then maybe 2 others hit, then it started raining.  We all huddled in the dugout with the kids, in hopes that it would blow over.  

It didn't blow over.  It only got harder.  It was pouring by the time they finally decided to cancel the game.  I felt so bad for Blayne and Les.  They were so excited to watch Jete play.  At least they got to see him bat.  Anyway, we booked it back to the car in the middle of the downpour, cuz it showed no signs of stopping or even letting up.

We looked like "drowned rats" according to our husbands.  They wouldn't let us go change, or go back to the house.  So we went shopping, out to eat, and all around town for the whole day like this.  Fun times.

One of the days they were here, we snuck Jete out of school for half the day, and went to this driving range called Top Golf.  I would never consider myself a golfer, but it was so much fun!  It didn't really seem like a driving range.  We had our own little booth with couches and tables and we ordered food and had a waiter come and refill our drinks the whole time.  It was a pretty sweet set up. For the actual golfing part, you played a game against the others that are with you, trying to hit it in certain spots.  

In this game, you try and get the most points.  Looky looky who turned out to be a golfer!
Yep, that's me with the highest score.  I won!  I was pretty proud. 

We ate at a bunch of yummy places and had so much fun spending time with them.  It was a sad day when they had to go home.

Until next time, whenever that may be, we love you Blayne, Les, and Ash!  Thanks for spending your spud harvest vacation with us!!!