Monday, April 28, 2014

Supercross 2014

Supercross was a blast this year!!!  Our kids were a little older and we felt like they could last a little longer, so we went earlier than we did last year.  We went to the pits to see if we could get any sneak peaks of any of the riders.  The huge signs of all of our favorites were lined up right next to each other, so we had to get pics with them.

Jerzi and James Stewart, and his bike.

Jeter and Ryan Villopoto, and his bike.

Me and Ryan Dungey

Well, we went early, hoping we would get to see some riders.....and that was the greatest decision ever!  We saw tons of peeps, it was so much fun!!!  We were sort of freaking out.

Right here on the left we got Kevin Windham, then Malcolm Stewart, and Eli Tomac on the bench getting a massage.

That great smile on the left would be Ryan Dungey's, then friendly ol' Trey Canard waved to us, and Ken Roczen was signing autographs (not for us, we didn't want to wait in the mile long lines).  

I mean we were really up close and personal with these guys.  It was awesome.  Look, Had even got asked to take a pic for these peeps that knew Trey.  Which was awesome cuz Trey is Had's favorite rider!  I was just a little bit creeper standing behind him taking a pic of it all.  Haha

And maybe even a little bit more creeper when I just hung out right here behind the autograph line so I could get a good pic of Dunge.  P.S.  He didn't think I was a creeper.  I'm pretty sure he liked it cuz he winked at me!  I about died.  And.... so did Had, who watched it happen.  HAHAHA

After I got all the pics I dared get, we went back to our seats to watch the races. 
I LOVE that our kids love this as much as we do.  It's so fun to see them get as excited as we do over it.  And we were all pretty dang excited!

We had awesome seats and an awesome time!  Can't wait till April 2015!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dash's Blessing Day

Dash's blessing day was such a good, perfect day!  It was Easter Sunday, and Grandpa and Grandma were here, so we got special permission to bless him this day, instead of fast Sunday.  The kids woke up and had a little Easter egg hunt around the house in the morning and got their Easter baskets.  Then we got ready and went to church.  Little Dashy was a gem!  He was happy and alert, and Hadley gave a sweet blessing to him.  Everything went smoothly too, no blow outs, no screaming, and we got it recorded!

I don't know if you're actually supposed to be taking pics during Sacrament meeting, but I couldn't help but snap a few with my phone.  He is just so darn cute!  I probably kiss those sweet little cheeks about a thousand times a day.  We love this little boy so much!!!

It was such a beautiful day, and everyone was just happy!  Beautiful, beautiful happy day!!!
I die over this pic!  My heart is so full of love for these three cuties that Heavenly Father has trusted us with.  I love my family so much!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Grandpa, Grandma and Ashton meet Dash

Grandpa, Grandma and Ashton came to Texas to meet little Dashy.  
They couldn't get enough of him.  I love when family gets to come spend time with my kids.  I'm not gonna lie though, it was actually pretty hard to share my baby this much though!  haha

We always have so much fun when they come!

Top Golf

It just happened to be Easter weekend when they were here, so the kids ended up scoring huge!  They had not 1, not 2, but 3 different Easter egg hunts. One was with the church.....

and one was inside our house, and one was outside in the yard. 

They got all sorts of candy, chocolates, money (Grandpa spoiled them), and prizes.  
Spoiled for sure!!!

It was so much fun spending time with them.  We loved having them here!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mr. Incredible

We like the movie Incredibles, and of course the little boy on there named Dash is just the best.  We really like the name Dash.  It just fits with our family, and it is especially fitting for our sweet little guy.  But we didn't know that our own little Dash would live up to that name and be an Incredible so early on!  Look at this 2 months old he showed us all sorts of tricks!

He could sit up

And even stand!!!

Toughest 2 month old I've ever seen!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Photo Session

One of my young women, Sarah Dailey, started pursuing photography, so I snatched her up and asked her to take Dash's newborn pictures (when he was a couple months old).  Here are a few of my favorites. She did a great job, and I just love love love looking at this face!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Trimmin the Tree

 We had this big beautiful tree out in our front yard, right in front of our front window.  When I would drive down our street, I couldn't help but notice that our tree was bigger, taller,and fuller than all the trees in the neighborhood.  Sure it had a little diseasey-type thing on the leaves, and it would drop down brown globs of goo into the mulch, but it was good looking tree, I thought.  I would do a little trimming of the branches on the bottom of it so we could mow under it without having to duck.

Apparently, me and Had's idea of a good-looking tree differ a little bit.  While I was inside taking care of what I'm sure was all sorts of things,  :)  Had was outside with the kids, and the neighbor kids, "trimming" our tree! 

                                              I about died when I looked out the window!
And no, those are not bushes!

Good thing he's got that garbage can out there.  
I'm sure that branch in it saved him a little room on the side walk.  Haha

I was up in my room, looking out the window, taking these pics.  He had no clue I was taking his picture, or even looking at him.

Yes Had, good job!  
You made us a whole new tree!!!

The finished look

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Everyday Life

I'm not sure if it's because I have a new baby, three kids, or I'm just too tired, but I have been lazy at taking pictures.  I rarely get out the actual camera.  I do manage to snag some pics with my phone every once in awhile, so these are a little glimpse of our "everyday life".

We all want to snuggle cute litte Dashy-bug!

Jerz just bein herself, with her little sassy pants pose!

Sometimes we have nail days.
Woo, it's tough on Jerz...and me, to get her to sit still for designs like this!

Ready for church

It's hard to not be jealous of him as he sleeps while I'm up with the baby!


Jete's playin baseball again.  He's playing up a year this year, so he's now in coach pitch.  He's lovin it!  They even got to play on a turf field!  
He had to miss a game cuz he cut open his heel stepping on some glass in our yard.  (Our sweet neighbor kids went out and busted a whole bunch of bottles out in our grass!  Yes, I wanted to beat them!)

Jerzi's in gymnastics and loving it!  She's getting to be pretty good for a little tyke.  It's fun to go watch her each week!

A little game of jump from one couch to the other trying to catch their stuffed animals!