Monday, February 22, 2010

Naughty and Nice


Jerzi will be 4 months old this week! I can't believe it. It has gone by super fast and she is getting sweeter and cuter I feel like by the second. A few things about our sweet little girl:

-She laughs out loud now (3 months)
-She can roll over
-She has stopped screaming when we put her in her carseat. She can actually fall asleep in the car now.
-She smiles like crazy if you look at her.
-She loves attention.
-She weighs about 14 lbs.
-She still gets big "scared" eyes when Jete comes near her. (Usually because he's running at her. He loves to scare her and make her jump.)
-She's had 3 colds and 3 ear infections in her short little 4 month life.
-She loves to give us kisses/eat our faces and Jete thinks its the greatest thing ever. He sticks his face and head in hers all the time cuz "she wants to give me tisses Mommy."
-If she doesn't have her binky in her mouth, she sucks on her first knuckle.
-She loves to cuddle with Mommy to take naps. (If i actually get to lay down and take one.)
She's so sweet and we can't get enough of this girl.

She hasn't lost any of her hair, it's still dark, thick, and growing! Yes, i do love it.

Dressing her is more fun than i imagined it would be. Little girls clothes are so stinkin cute! I look forward to this every day. She is a very good girl to just lay there while i try outfits on her and mix and match stuff.

Here she is wearing her first pigtails at 3 months. (I'm sure i could have put them in before that, i felt it might be a little cruel though.)

She loves to talk. She's got a lot to say, and we love listening to her babble.
She also smiles like crazy now, but stops as soon as i go to take her picture. She must be a McArthur! This is as close to a smile as i could get. She's talking to me right here. :)

She's got loads of hair. I want to do it in all sorts of cute ways but she's too wiggly. Her 3 piggies were pretty cute and fun though.

She's got the cutest blue eyes, to go along with her brother's and Daddy's.

Very Naughty

Then there's Jeter. He's 2 1/2. Need I say more?

This happened in the amount of time it took me to get Jerzi dressed. Yep, every article of clothing out of his dresser! This is his "Aww crap, she caught me" face. I was taking a picture and sending it to Had to show him what the little punk did, and what he was missing out on. I go downstairs and find....

that Jete found my hot glue gun, plugged it in, and started shooting it. When i caught him with that, took the picture (cuz my camera was already in my hand from the last disaster) he jetted off to the bathroom, and locked himself in. By the time i grabbed a toothpick to unlock the door and come back to open it, he was letting himself out, with a funny look on his face. I scanned the bathroom real quick to look for damage. All that i saw was a new tube of toothpaste...then noticed a big ol' squeeze out of it. Minty fresh breath for Jete! :)

So another thing about Jete, he hates the cold/snow. I ask him each day if he wants to go play outside, go sledding, or build a snowman. Every time he tells me no and that he doesn't like the snow. Well one day I asked him and he finally said that he wanted to go sledding. I was super excited and we got him all bundled up. I was laughing my head off as i was dressing him cuz he looked like the kid on The Christmas Story with his snowsuit, and walked like him too. His gloves were to big and he kept telling me that they fit, but his fingers weren't in any of the finger holes. Turns out his boots are too small too. Anyways, so i finally got him all dressed and we walk out to our garage to get the sled, and as soon as we get to the garage, he says, "No, No, No, I'm done! I wanna go in."

He wasn't happy about having the wind blow on his face. HAHA

I told him to get in the sled so i could at least pull him back to the door. I got the old "talk to the hand" response.

He sat and waited by the door until i came to open it for him. All that bundling up so we could take a walk out to the garage (about 50 feet away) and back. Plus, check out that cute bummy. HAHA LOVE IT!!!

Most of the time Jete is pretty naughty. He's started telling us no (more like yelling it), doesn't go to bed good anymore, doesn't listen to us, and doesn't like when we pay attention to Jerzi and not him. It's a hard stage, but he can be pretty sweet sometimes too i guess. When Jerzi is crying he says, "Here Mommy, I'll hold her." He gives the best kisses and hugs, and tells me he loves me all the time. He tells Had that he misses him all the time, and is always trying to give Jerzi his toys. He's full of energy and is always making me laugh with the funny things he says.

We love these two little munchkins so much!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Competition? Bring it on!

Hadley's school hosted a 3 on 3 coed basketball tournament. Wahoo! We love playing with each other, and haven't really done that since we lived in Idaho. It was an all day tournament, and we just had one sub....just the way we like it. :) (I never want to sub out, hehe). Anyways, we got our team together, and we actually were a little worried that this was a tournament that we might not win. We played some good teams too, but not to worry, with 4 people on one team that are just as competitive as me and Had, we came out the champions!

Our team (they forgot to order me a shirt, how rude) undefeated
Little Rascals = domination

Had shoots...... he scores.

Had tryin to set a pick for me,.....yeah, i left to soon.

Our fan club!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Christmas Vacation: the conclusion

I really want to be done posting about Christmas, but we can't leave out the most important part....our family and friends. As much as we love being out here in Ohio, and on our own, we miss our family like crazy. We felt really lucky to be able to come home again this year and spend time with our families and friends. These pics are all things that remind us of what we love at home, and why we miss it.

Jeter getting to spend time and develop a relationship with his aunts and uncles.

Hangin out in our matching Ducks gear to watch the big football game together.

Having good aunts and uncles take my kids outside to play in the snow.

Doggie piles, always love the doggie piles, especially seeing the person on the bottom's veins pop out. HAHA

Taking the kids to have some fun!

Hangin out and being able to relax with my own little family, and not having to worry about school, housework, projects, etc.

Family picking on each other :)

Uncles, aunts, and cousins excited to see our baby for the first time.

There's of course lots more things that we love and miss, but we just want all of you to know that we love and miss you so much! We wish we could be there more often!

Christmas Vacation: Part 3, Brayden's Wedding

Hadley's brother got married while we were home. We were lucky to be able to attend the wedding. (Funny story: Had almost didn't make it into his brother's wedding because something was wrong with his temple recommend. The funny part, I almost didn't make it into my brother's wedding a year and a half ago because an issue with my recommend. Yikes!) Anyways, we're excited to get to know Diana and have her be in our family now!

The Happy/Excited couple

Grandpa Pocock and Jeter, looking bored before it even started. :)

The cute kidlets stopped runnin to pose for a picture.

These two were so funny to watch. Both of them were acting like they owned the place. I love the one of them dancing. They're only 2 years old and they acted like they know more about dancing than i do. Ok, lets be honest, they probably do.

My super cute sister in-law and super cute baby.