Thursday, June 6, 2013

Memorial Day/Weekend

When you're not around family's or friend's graves, what are you supposed to do on Memorial Day?  Had didn't have to work the whole weekend.  So we had to take advantage, and I'll tell you what we did.  We "hauled our cookies all the way to the beach". (movie trivia?)  We packed a little lunch and snacks and had a lot of fun.  It was a cloudy day, but still like 89 degrees, so it was good.   

We played in the waves, rode boogie boards, swam, people watched, and Had attempted to surf.
The beach is always a good time.
 Jeter and Jerzi only asked about sharks a handful of times.
Maybe it wasn't the greatest idea we ever had to let them watch Soul Surfer with us.

The kids got sand castle building supplies for Easter and have been dying to use them.  So right when we got there, we got to work.
Here it is, all said and done.
I love how proud Jete and Jerz both look.

Oh wait, not done. 
We have to add water to the moat, of course.  What was I thinking?

And when we got all done, they immediately wanted to wreck it.  
Ugh...all that work, gone in an instant!

This was actually Saturday that we went to the beach. Sunday we went to church, took naps and played corn hole and bocce ball out in our yard with our neighbors.  Monday me and Had played a few games of tennis while Jete and Jerz played in the splash pad, and park.  Then we came home and did yard work, then all crashed.  It was such a great weekend!  We love holidays Had doesn't have to work!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Family Fun Run

Our stake puts on an annual family fun run day, complete with a 5K, 1 mile fun run, games, prizes, bounce houses, and all sorts of treats.  We went to it last year, and had a good time.  Jete loved racing last year, so we did it again this year.  Had was able to join us this time, so it was even better than last.

I have to mention this first because I think it's of importance, not really for me, but for Jeter.  The night before we ran in our races, we rode an 11 mile bike ride.  Jeter learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels this spring, so he rode the 11 miles all by himself!   (And we took Flat Stanley with us cuz he/she wanted to see Texas.) 

Before the big race

Had ran the 1 mile with Jete and Jerz, so I could do the 5K right after.  He said they were going too fast to even let Jerzi get out of the stroller this time.  This is a little bit before the finish line, when Jete started to "pour it on". 

Done.  Yay, good job Jeter!

So after riding 11 miles the night before, Jeter still woke up bright and early and rocked his race.  He did sooo good.  We were so proud.  He got 5th overall and his time was 6 minutes, 15 seconds!!!  We couldn't really believe it.  That's a fast mile for anyone, let alone a 5 year old.  Me and Had didn't believe it actually, but they claimed it was 1 mile.

Me on the other hand, well lets just say I can't be as fast as I used to be if I don't ever run.  HAHA
I seriously didn't do much of any kind of running before this.  Maybe like 5 times in the month and a half before this.  I kept thinking, "ahh, it's only 3.1 miles.  I don't really need to train."  Then the day before the race, I started getting all nervous, like I would before my races in high school and college. 

 Everyone kept telling me, "It's just for fun.  Why would you get nervous over this?"
When I would tell them that I wanted to do good, they were like, well if you haven't trained, then just run for fun, and train for a different race.  Well, people that say that don't know me and my fam well enough I guess.  We don't run in races for fun.  We're much too competitive for that.  We run in races to do good, to get a good time, or to win.  It was a sad day for me to run this race when I'm not in good race shape, when I can't get a good time, and I definitely wasn't gonna win.  But I ran it.
Here I am, sadly, not "pouring it on" as fast as I should have been right before the finish.

I did get a medal.  
Not that that means anything to me though.
My time was no good
I knew I wasn't fast.

My next race I enter, I will for sure train a little bit better, so I can be a little more proud of myself, and not accept a medal feeling ashamed of myself.

Here's the real runner.  He was awesome.  He deserved the medal!

Oh, and me and Had were just sure that wasn't really a mile, so we went and clocked it.  Yep, not really a mile.  It was .82 miles.  HA  I think 6:15 is still pretty awesome for a 5 year old.