Monday, March 31, 2008

B-ball Tourney in Philly

I've been lucky enough to be playing basketball here on a city league team in Cleveland.  (Ok, I really checked Hadley's school email and basically stalked the girl that was heading up the team and asked them if I could play with them.  She said yes, we play every Wednesday night, and Had and Jete come watch me each week.  I love it!)  Well, this team is made up of girls from Had's school, except me.  And once a year, all the podiatry schools in the country get together and have a big basketball tournament.  They said that since I was a student's wife, I could still play in it.  This year the tourney was in Philadelphia.  So we all packed up and drove to Philly.  The tournament was so much fun!  I don't want to brag, but I was seriously on fire, throughout the whole tournament, which always makes it so much more fun.  Then we won the whole tournament, so it was pretty dang awesome!

The bad part about the whole thing....
this cute little guy! 
(the only pic from the weekend)

He wasn't crying, screaming, or throwing fits from being cooped up in a gym all weekend.  He was actually really good.  But he got sick. Like the flu-sick.  It was awful!  It started out at the games throwing up and diarrhea, and by the time we got back to Cleveland, he wasn't eating or drinking anything.  He stopped going to the bathroom, which freaked me out.  I called his doctor and they said get him into the Emergency Room now!  So we hurried and got him to the ER.  We found out the hard way that's not the place to go in Cleveland.  It looked like a homeless shelter in there, packed with people on every chair, sitting/laying on the floors, sleeping.  We waited for 4 hours.  It was such a joke.  Jeter was tired and hungry and couldn't sleep and wouldn't eat.  We didn't have a chair to sit on, and he was basically crying the whole time we were in there.  When they finally called us to come back, we had just gotten him to stop crying and the stupid doctor  pulled out his binky.  He started screaming bloody murder, and the doc says, "Oh nope, he's fine, see, he has tears.  If he didn't have tears, then we would need to worry about dehydration. Give him some pedialite." Then sent us out the door.
Oh I wanted to punch that doctor in the face so bad!  Do you think we're idiots?  Of course we've tried everything there is to try.  HE WON'T EAT ANYTHING!!!  He needs some fluid in him and he won't swallow anything.  So after feeling helpless, frustrated, madder than heck, and hatred towards doctors, we came home and ripped on them some more.  It was seriously the worst feeling ever to know that your baby needs help, but that you can't do anything about it. 
The good news.... he eventually did recover, and we learned no matter what the situation is, don't use Cleveland's ER's.  

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Officially #1

I can officially say, Jete had the worst dirty diaper of his whole life today! A little background info first....He has been struggling going to the bathroom for such a long time. Usually when he tries to go, he grunts and pushes so hard his face gets all red, and he just freezes in that position. And if he's lucky, he drops a "little nugget" as we call it. Today as i was talking to my sister on the phone, i saw him freeze, but he wasn't turning red, so i thought oh, he hasn't started yet. I was feelin all bad for him cuz it's so hard for him to go. A couple minutes later i got off the phone and picked him up to smell him to see if he had actually pooped. To my hand felt a warm sensation as i touched his back. I checked and yep, poop half way up his back! Most people probably get that "Aghh!!!" feeling about now, and when he was littler, i used to too. But now that he has this issue with going the bathroom, i was kind of happy. That means his stomach doesn't have to hurt cuz he's all cleaned out. Well my thoughts quickly changed. I took off all of his clothes but his onesie. Wow. I didn't even know where to start. I could tell this was going to be tricky, especially because he did not want to lay down. So i started by taking a picture of him with my phone and sending it to Had to show him what he was missing out on. My sweet husband, I love him so much. He texts me and instead of laughing and saying "Glad it's you not me", which i was fully expecting (though he probably secretly was thinking that), says he's sorry he can't be there to help me. Anyway, after procrastinating for about 10 minutes, and my house really starting to wreak, I decided to tackle the monster.
He has had bad diapers before, and poop up his back millions of times (This one wasn't only up his back, but up his front, sides, legs, everywhere!) but the reasons this makes the #1 worst diaper: he can roll over, sit up, maneuver his hands to places he wants to put them, and it was a thick runniness if that makes sense. All of these combined makes for a very difficult and disgusting changing session! I layed a towel down cuz i knew it was gonna get messy, but i had no idea. WHen i took his onesie off, he saw it and started trying to get it with his fingers. I was trying to wipe as fast as i could, but he was so fast. I tried as best as i could to not get any poop on me and to keep it off his hands. I cleaned off his back and sides as good as i could get in 2 seconds, and layed him down. Whew, made it past that part. Then i had to actually take off his diaper. As soon as it came off, his little hands dodged my arms that i put up as baracades, and his tiny fingers instantly found what i did not want them to. I hurried and grabbed for another wipe with one hand, holding his feet in the air with the other so that i could wipe off his hands again, and he rolls over and puts his fingers in his mouth. Jete got it in his mouth! Aghh! I wanted to puke for him. He made the funniest face i've ever seen, and then started crying. After that, so much for me trying to be careful and not get any on me. Oh man, poo was all over everywhere. I know this is getting long, so to finish off the rest of the story cuz it sure didn't end there, everyone and everything was cleaned up and smelling good after only using 12 wet wipes, a dirty towel, a soapy bath, a soapy sink (with toys from his bath), scrubbed carpet, a clean diaper, pajamas, baby lotion, and a batch of laundry. Oh the joys of being a mom!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Pics of our Spring Break storm

In an earlier post, i wrote how we had a big snowstorm during our Spring Break. Here's some of the pictures i took right outside our apartment. It was insane how much snow we got in 24 hours!!! This was 2 weeks ago. Don't you worry, it's all melted now.

This first picture is off of our balcony from the 2nd floor. Look in between the two garages. You are looking at 2 cars, almost completely buried.

This is the parking lot in our apartment complex. All those drifts in the snow on the left are cars totally buried!

Here's a picture of the huge drift that covered the door to get in our building. Some nice person shoveled a little space for us so our door could at least open and we could walk a couple feet.

This is our car. Crazy huh?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Break And The Waterpark, Yeah!!!

Had's test week is over. It was a crappy couple of weeks for all of us. Had was studying constantly, and we never got to see him. All of us pretty much hated it, but all of his studying paid off. He did so good on his tests! After his tests were over, he got a week long spring break. So we decided to take a little vacation and go to Kalahari, an indoor waterpark with some of our friends from here. We spent 3 days there and it was so much fun! It is the country's largest indoor waterpark, and perfect for our not so warm weathered spring break. (It snowed like crazy. I'll put pics up of the winter storm later.) It had tons of waterslides and fun little kiddie pools with slides just for them. Jete loved it! At first he was a little hesitant cuz the water was a little cooler than his bath water, but then he warmed up to it, and had fun. I was a little worried how he would be for 3 days in a waterpark, but he was so good. We stayed in the Kalahari Hotel, so it was easy for us to just go back to the room and put him down for his naps, then go back to the pools and start swimmin again. I can't wait to take him there again when he's a little older and can do more. It was so fun and well worth it!

The hot pool was Jete's favorite, but the swings came in a close second. He loved kicking and splashing his feet through the water.

Just hangin out together in their towels!

They spent most of the time in the deep end in this wave pool, but we had to come to the shallow end to get a few pics. How cute is that?

Big old ugly animals were all over outside the pool too.