Saturday, September 29, 2007

September Tidbits

We're close to a beach! Yeah, yeah........ it's not a great beach.  It's the beach to Lake Erie.  And because it's not saltwater, the contamination levels are sometimes so high that you're not actually suppose to go in the  water.  But that doesn't stop us.  (We're from Idaho, we've swam in nasty canals, accidentally swallowed some of the water, and didn't die from it, or even get sick.)  A beach is a beach.  We love them all!

We did, however, keep the little punky out of the water, because of the contamination level.

He is so cute I can't stop kissing those little cheeks!

Had decided to let him try his first popsicle, 2 months old.

He is getting to be so much fun, and is such a happy baby.  We love him to pieces and get enough of his sweet little smile.

Laughing like crazy!

Had finally cut off all his long hair! There was tons of it!

Me and Jete took a quick little trip to Maryland to see my sister Holly and her fam.  We flew.  I was super nervous to fly by myself with him, but he was really good.  The flight was short and sweet.  The only bad thing was that when I got off the plane I put Jeter in the little Baby Bjorn thing that straps him in front of me, on my chest.  Well apparently he pooped while he was in there.  It had no place to go, but out the little leg holes, and it covered my legs and shoes, all of which I wasn't aware of while walking through the whole airport until I see my sister at the cars.  That wasn't real fun.  My parents also flew out there for that week/weekend so it was a good little visit, and this was the only picture taken with my camera the whole time.  :(  Woops.  This was when we went and toured an Amish home.  

My sweet and talented aunt, Michelle, made Jeter these cute little Jeter baseball shoes.  How freaking cute are they?  I love them!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kirtland, Ohio

We found out Kirtland, Ohio is only 30 minutes away, so we were pretty excited that we were so close to those church history sites, and had to take advantage!  It was seriously so cool and inspiring to see what happened here, what people went through, and how they lived. 

The Newel K Whitney Store

The Whitney Home

In the Sawmill

Outside the Sawmill

Inside the Ashery

The Kirtland Temple (which is now owned by the Community of Christ Church)

There was an amazing spirit as we went through and toured everything.  I can't begin to express my feelings and what happened here, because it would be too long for this blog, but I do know that what happened here is true.  The prophet Joseph Smith was here and was inspired by God.  I love our church.  And I'm grateful for the Spirit to help me know these things are true.  For more information about Kirtland, go to  I hope we'll be able to come back here many times in the 4 years we're here.