Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Boy and Kissy Cheeks

This boy of ours is such a good baby.  We cannot get enough of him.  He is so happy all the time, and he has THE BEST kissy cheeks ever.  Here's some shots from the month.

Like his homemade airplane costume?  Ok, so I'm just a little freakish about him getting his clothes dirty, and I didn't want to take them off, so this was the solution.....napkin airplane wings!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Oh the friends that I'll miss"

Jeter got to meet all his new little cousins and friends for the first time when we went home for Christmas. They are all really close in age, so it was so fun to see them all together. He is missing them a lot, I can tell, cuz ever since we got back he wants someone (meaning me, since I'm the only one around) to play with him constantly. It's loads of fun. Actually it is pretty fun playing with him. He's so funny and makes me laugh like crazy. I am so lucky that i get to stay home with him and play with him every day.

My mom made these little hats for all of the grandkids. They were lovin gettin their pictures taken. This is Jeter-5 months, Saylor-2 1/2 months, and Cruiz-3 1/2 months.

I love this picture with Saylor screamin in Jete's face. He was so confused!

This is Cole Crapo. He is 3 weeks younger than Jeter. Weston and Mandi (Cole's parents) are good friends of ours and we are so sad that our little boys don't get to grow up together.

Alexis is another one of Jete's cousins. She is 3 months older than him, so she's teachin him all the goods about life, laptops, and suckin fingers.