Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Workin Hard

 Jeter has this cute little workshop that has all sorts of power tools, nails, bolts, wrenches, hammers, etc.   He plays with it every once in awhile and tells me he's going to work.   Then he comes back after hammering really loudly for about 2 or 3 minutes and says, "Whew, I've been workin hard!"  Or sometimes he "calls" me from work and says he'll be home from work at 10:00.  Then he comes and finds me and says "Mom, I'm home!" He waits for me to give him a hug and tell him I've missed him.  That's usually the extent of him playing with it.  A couple minutes every once in awhile.  The kid really doesn't have a very big imagination at all.  I blame myself.  I'm pretty sure I don't have an imagination at all.  It's sad. 

But for his birthday, we got him the coolest thing ever for a kid with no imagination.  We got him play wood (styrofoam stuff), and tools that really work, with plastic screws and nails.  He's got a power drill, a saw, and a nail gun that really work.  So no more imagining....he gets to do the real thing now!


Look at that little hard working face.

The finish product: A new tool box

The only bad thing about this, we're gonna need to buy a lot more wood!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


 I was so excited to be in Idaho for the 4th of July.  I love the 4th!  I was only a little sad that I was gonna be gone from my own home cuz I had lots of cute decoration crap that I wanted to make (from pinterest)and put out, but I'd take Idaho over making my own craft crap any day.  I was a lot sad though that Had couldn't be there with us.  He didn't even watch fireworks this year, just went to bed.  He said what's the point in watching them if you're watching them by yourself. 

 We started the day off right by getting to the parade at approximately 9:57, when it started at 10.  I'm sure Leslie was a little panicked that I wasn't gonna show up at all.  They were saving seats for us!  We made it though, just in time for the flag to pass, I think.  Maybe we were still trying to find them.  Anyhow, we found them, and it was fun to see all the little kids supporting their country by wearing the clothes us parents picked out for them.  :)

My old basketball coach, Gary Gardner, from BYU-Idaho happened to be sitting there at the parade, right next to us.  I was so happy to see him, and he was happy to see me.  He told me to take a picture of him for Had. So here he is waving to Had.  :)  Funny guy!  I miss him, and playin for him.  He moved to Utah, so I rarely get to see him.  But his son lives across the street from Had's parents, so every once in awhile, we get to see him.  He's funny.  He told me and Had when we got engaged that we are the greatest basketball couple ever.  He's the one that convinced me that I was good enough to play for a college, when I didn't believe it myself. Because of him, I ventured off to Virginia and played basketball there (and ran cross country).  I have a special place in my heart for this man.

Here's "Scary Spice" as my sister called her, showing her patriotism.

And my little Jeter boy, rockin the red white and blue.

Gettin sprayed was awesome!

Jeter, Lexie, Ashton, Deegan, and Jerzi... some dang cute kids! 
Ok, so really I just liked the fact that I figured out how to make only these colors stand out on a black and white picture, but the kids are pretty dang cute too. 

Linds had no idea how fitting "Scary Spice" was for Jerzi this day. Only Bird... and sadly Todd and Suzy Holman got to see a little taste of it (oh and the people all along the streets that were walking to their cars after the parade was over).
This was the calm before the storm.  
Look at her all cute and happy....
Seconds after this picture was taken, she totally freaked out.  I think it was because she wanted to take the lid off the waterbottle and couldn't get it, and I being engrossed in a conversation didn't fully listen to her, but took the bottle from her and unscrewed the lid to quiet her whining, and gave it back to her.  This apparently was not what she wanted, but instead wanted to do it herself.  (Keep in mind I hadn't been giving her naps and we had been staying out till 11 or 12 each night, due to all the fun we were having.)
Anyway, she threw a major fit, and wouldn't walk to the car.  Just sat in the street.  I picked her up and carried her (the car was about 5 or so blocks away) she was kicking, hitting, and trying to buck out of my arms, and screaming,"Let me go!!!" the entire 5 blocks.  If I wasn't in front of all those peeps, I'm sure I would have spanked her, or dragged her to the car.  Lucky for me, Bird was with me.  So we just laughed the whole way, when in reality I wanted to cry.  This fit went on as we got in the car and drove up to Grandma and Grandpa's.  They were going to watch her and Jete, while I went and played in a softball tournament.  I felt so bad leaving her with them in this kind of state, but also so happy that I could have a break from her nonstop screaming.  She didn't really stop crying for them either.  I told Les to just put her to bed.  I think she cried herself to sleep.  I'm gettin all hot and sweaty just thinkin about this story again.  Geesh! 

So like I said, I got to go play in a coed softball tournament up in Ashton, thanks to Kenzie.  It was so fun!  I miss softball so much!  I needed a break from the kids too.  (When I say kids, I mean Jerz.  She's hard for me somedays.  Jete, well he's mainly good.)

The kids got to stay up and play at Grandma's all day.  They ran across the field to go see Grammy Whyte, they played in the park, and drank out of a garden hose.  What more could a kid want?  They loved it.  We were all happy! 

  Me and Jerz became friends again.  I liked her again. It's amazing what naps do for kids, and what a little sports does for me.  :)

Blayne and a couple of his neighbors put on a firework show for their whole neighborhood that night.  It was so fun and relaxing.  We threw a frisby around, ate, and talked until it was time for the show.  The kids played and played, even during the show. 

They all loved being together.  And I love that!

Look at that beautiful sunset!

We went to Bear World one day with Blayne and Les.  As much as I'm not an animal person, it is actually a pretty cool place.  The kids loved it, and I was intrigued by the bear that would sit up on his back legs and wave to the tour bus throwing out food, eat the food, then wave again at them.  It was pretty amuzing to watch.

They come right up to your car.  It's awesome!

They have a petting zoo there at Bear World.

For some reason, Jerzi is afraid of dogs and cats, but not goats and deer. 

How disgusting, look at him lick Jete!  Vomit.  Good thing Jete's all chill about it.  I wouldn't have been.  That's usually when I kick animals in their mouths, if they lick me. 

They also had little rides there for little kids.  They all went on each ride a billion times and didn't want to leave.  It was super hot outside.  Lucky for these kids, they have a nice grandma and grandpa. 

How cute is this?

Two peas in a pod!  Coolin down with their root beers.

Broc is always so nice and volunteers to take the kids out riding every time we come.  It's so awesome and makes them so happy.  Jeter never wants to get off. 

While the kids were riding, I snuck up to the college to watch Bird play in her semifinals flag football game.  It was fun to watch her and made me miss football so much.  I wanted to run out on the field and help them so bad!  Here's Audrey, Bird, and me after her game. 

After Bird's game, when I got back to the track, Broc and Blayne had to race.  HAHA It was funny to see these grown men on those tiny dirt bikes, on a tiny track. 

Brayden and Diana had their sweet baby Madilyn while we were there.  I'm so glad she was born before we left.  I was getting nervous she wouldn't come before we had to go back to Texas. She's so sweet and tiny.  I can't wait to see her again and see how much she's changed!

What a cute little family!

The night before we left we had to have one last hurrah, so we watched a movie out on the big screen up to Blayne and Les's.  The weather cooperated for the most part and we got to see everyone one last time to say our goodbye's for a month.  We can't wait to go back!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We're gonna make this place our home.

 Aah ah aaah, ah ah aah aaaah.  That song has been in my head like crazy since watching the olympics.  And it's pretty fitting for this post.  Another Idaho trip for us is coming up, so I better hurry and finish posting about our last one.

 We did tons of stuff while we were in Utah and Idaho, and we loved every second of it.  Jerzi can't seem to understand that we live in Texas.  She still argues with me that we live in Idaho.  And Jeter is convinced that we are moving back to Idaho when he is 6 years old.  Well, at least if we aren't living there, we can warp their little minds that Idaho is the best!

Grandpa Pocock took us up the river on his fishing boat while we were there.

  Good food and good company!

We drove up (a little too far) onto a little rock bar, so we could get out and play with rocks, go the bathroom, and cook the food.  I'm pretty sure that I should not have been the one that was teaching the kids how to skip rocks. Look at that form.  HAHA

 Jerz, thinkin she's hot stuff driving the boat!

Jerzi loved all the attention she was getting from everyone, and Jeter...well he was just too pooped.  No naps and staying up late for many days in a row takes its toll on this little guy.

 After Fuller Fest got over, me, Jete and Jerz stayed a couple extra days at my sister Angie's house.  It was super fun to spend time with them and their awesome family.  It was Javin's birthday while we were there.  Jav let Jete pick out his birthday cake (a basketball cake).  Jeter was so excited about it, and also about the donut that Jav got for his birthday.  It was the biggest donut we have ever seen (sorry, no picture).  Holl and Jeff, and Dustin and Alissa and their kids came and celebrated his b-day so we had a ton of fun with everyone.

We went to a park/splash pad and played and ate dinner, then went back to the house to play some more.  The kids loved the pinata and all of it's goodness inside.

The three cute princesses

Holl and Jeff brought silly string for everyone.  It was so much fun.  I think the adults liked it more than the kids.  It was pretty much everywhere, but oh so fun!

I love the look on Dustin's face.  He was getting everyone in their face, including poor little Mag, and just laughing his head off. 

Cute cousins

Jerzi hangin out with the boys, playin Jav's new game on the wii (or xbox or whatever they have.)

So Josh and Ang let me drive their sweet '86 Lincoln back to Rexburg so that I could have my own car to drive around in.  It was so nice of them, and that car was so sweet!  I'm so sad that I didn't get a picture of it, cuz it was the bomb.  It's a nice, big, yellow, luxury Lincoln.  The seats were so comfy and it rode so smooth.  It was a little long though, and only a couple times I felt like whew, am I gonna make this turn?  Anyway, we drove that thing all over town, and it was a champ.  Thanks again Josh and Ang.

We went to Jackson Hole,Wyoming for a day with some of my family.  We went swimming at their rec center while my parents went and waited in line at the Bar J.  Swimming was a blast! 

We started out going down the slide with Jeter and Jerzi.   Then the kids got a little more brave and wanted to go down by themselves, but just have us catch them at the bottom.  (Jeter wasn't quite tall enough to reach, but he could bounce off his tip toes for a sec, then go back under) So he decided he wanted to do it by himself.  He loved it and thought he was so big to go down by himself and not have anyone catch him.  He would go under the water, kind of splash and kick around for a little bit under there, each time looking like he was gonna drowned, then come up with a huge smile on his face, and want to do it again.  He was so brave, and both him and Jerzi loved this swimming place probably better than any other swimming place we've been.  I hope we can go there again in our next Idaho trip. 

After being so brave on the little slide, we decided to try out the big slide with the little munchkins.   

More fun than the little one! Jeter eventually started going on this one by himself too.  We were all in the shallow pool and all the sudden we notice that Jeter and Miles were not anywhere.  We were starting to panic for a second, then we noticed the two 4 year olds were just climbing up the stairs to go on the big slide, by themselves, and didn't tell any of us.

 We all had so much fun.  Even Ern got in on the fun, even though her hand was in a cast.  She saran-wrapped it and kept her arm up the whole time.  HAHA  Oh I guess it wasn't as much fun for Audrey.  She was 9 months pregnant and didn't get in.  So she took pictures for us, super nice, but not that fun. 

After we got done swimming we went to meet up with my parents at the Bar J.  In case you don't know what that is, it's a little cowboy music, comedy, and dinner.  We used to go to it all the time when I was younger, and my whole family just loves them.  It's always a good time.  

My parents waiting in line all day paid off.  They got us front row seats!

We love the Bar J!!!

I had a little video clip of them singing a song about Texas, and the guy in the middle looked down at me in the middle of the song, and started singing and smiling right to me as I zoomed in on him.  It won't download though, dang it.  It was funny. 

More Idaho fun to be continued...