Monday, February 16, 2015

My Baby is One!!!

Dash turned one year old February 12th!  I'm not gonna lie, I kind of love him being a baby.  He has been such a good baby, and so happy!  And because Jeter and Jerzi were a little older when he was born, I have got to just enjoy every little baby stage that he's been in.  I can't get enough of him!  I smother him with kisses and munch his cheeks, and squeeze him and hug him every second I can.  Had says I'm treating him like he's the baby of the family, so we must be done having kids.  I say we better have another so I can do this again!  

We took him to get some balloons cuz what one year old doesn't love balloons?  He had a good ol time with them!

I really had no idea what I should get him for his birthday.  He has all of Jeter's clothes, all of Jeter and Jerzi's toys to play with...and he's not going to remember or even notice if we get him something or not. But I had to get him something!  I saw a tutorial on pinterest on how to make a sock monkey and decided it would be the perfect little gift for him.  
(Ok, ok, that's kind of a lie.  I had those thoughts for him for Christmas, and planned to make this for a Christmas gift, but didn't get it done, so it became the perfect birthday present!)

I found a cute pair of socks (after a long search), and I got to work.  Once I got halfway into it, I again realized how little I know about sewing.  Needless to say, I had to do some research to figure out how to do a bunch of stitches so I could finish him up.  Had even showed me a few techniques because apparently, doctors know how to sew! 

He turned out to be pretty cute and the sock patterns worked awesome for a monkey!

I made him his own little cake (which was a good thing it was just for him, cuz it wasn't very good).

He was not like my other kids with their first cake.  He jumped right in and grabbed a handful and put it right up to his face.  HAHA I love him!

Things about Dash right now:
-He loves to eat.  He eats everything in sight... except corn.
-He is in the 90% for height.
-When we lay him down for bed, he automatically puts one foot up on top of the other leg.
-He doesn't like me to sing to him when I'm rocking him and putting him to bed.  haha  For real, when I start singing, he covers my mouth with his hand, and holds it there.
-He started walking at 10 months, now he's starting to run.
-He loves to laugh and make people laugh.
-He gets into everything, and laughs his head off when he gets caught.
-He tries to grab his parts every time I change his diaper, then laughs like crazy when I tell him no.
-He laughs whenever we tell him no... for anything he's doing that's naughty.
-He hates having his diaper changed, like pulls out all sorts of wrestling moves so that he's not on his back.
-He has to have 2 binks to go to sleep, one in his mouth and one in his hand.
-When we strip him to put him in the bath, he sticks his belly and chest out and starts scratching it like crazy.
-He has the opposite of OCD.  He hates having anything in its place. If it's in it's place, he has to wreck it.  A few examples...He seriously will not go out of the kitchen if the dish towels are not on the floor.  He won't leave my bathroom until he has emptied every drawer.  He won't go out of my bedroom if he hasn't emptied my jewelry stand.  And not one bracelet can remain in its place!  He runs to the pantry if the door is opened so he can swipe everything off the bottom shelf before we can stop him.

We love this little boy like crazy!!! 
Happy Birthday sweet little Dashy!!

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  1. He is such a cutie! It looks like he's enjoying every minute of his birthday! It's fun to see how big your other two have gotten, too!