Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

The Parade
Today was such a fun day! We started the day out by going to the sweet Parma parade. And by sweet i mean, not so much (people running for election stuff isn't what i call a parade), but it was still fun to take Jete to it. Plus he loaded up on candy, which means mainly i loaded up on candy. :) Jeter loved to see all the dogs that were everywhere, look at the strange people, and pick up the candy off the ground. He's getting to be really good at pickin up everything off the ground. Last week at church we even found a bug in his mouth that he'd picked up off the floor. Yum. Anyways, I took a bunch of pictures of our day. I know there are tons of them (I went a little camera happy today), but these are mainly for our families that don't get to see Jete and missed seeing his first 4th of July.

The two of them, looking at the truck in awe, anxiously waiting for the time when Daddy gets to take Jete for a ride in one.

Walkin over to see a nasty wet dog

Munchin on his goods


A few of us got together and had a barbecue and played games. The weather was perfect. We had a ton of good food, and the little kids got to do sparklers. We even let Jete do a couple. Here's all of us mom's and the kidlets.

Had was helping Jete with the sparkler at first, but I had to take over after just a few seconds. I got way too nervous after i saw Jete put the sparkler right up on his cheek, and Had acted like it was no big deal. Luckily the part that touched him was the part that had already gone out. During the 2nd sparkler, he kept trying to grab the flame, so then we ended it. We all had a lot of fun though, and left being stuffed. We rushed home and let Jete take about a 20 minute nap, then left for the big fireworks.


We went to some fireworks on the 4th and they were actually pretty good. I was impressed. I didn't think that anything would compare to the Idaho Falls fireworks, but they turned out to be pretty good. They were definately missing the KLCE music to go along with them though. Jete was so good during them. We were thinkin he might get scared to hear the big booms, but he loved it (and the licorice he got to eat throughout the fireworks). He was in a trance once they started. He couldn't take his eyes off of them. Our friends from Columbus (really my friend from Idaho, I bet she wouldn't want to claim that she's from Columbus) were up for the weekend, so we got to watch fireworks with them. It was a fun night.

Josh, Karlie, and Bailee

The Grand Finale

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

At The Park

Here are some pics of one of our outings to the park. Jete loves it, as you can see by the perma-smile he had on the whole time we were there.

He was laughing his head off when i would give him "underdogs". He loves to swing!

This place has little walkways all over like this to connect all the slides and toys. He thought it was so fun to crawl away from me. I had to sneak up in front of him to get a picture.

He got so excited to get back into the swings, after playing on the toys, he just kept clapping.

Here he is with his friend Kylan. No worries, they're just eatin the dirt and bark, havin a good ol time.