Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Jeter!!!

I can't believe Jeter is 5!!!  It's crazy to think we have a 5 year old.  He was so excited to have a birthday, and we were so excited for him. The morning of his birthday he woke up and came in my room.  It was way too early, so I told him to come lay down by me for a little while.  He did, cuz he's a pretty obedient kid.  Then about 5 minutes later, he pops up and says, "Mom, today's my birthday!" 
I said, "Yep, happy birthday little Jete!"
Then he says, "Well if its my birthday, then I get to do what I want.  And I want to get up!"
Ok Jete, I'll get up for you...just because you made me smile.

He picked out this balloon....
  Awesome Jete.

I told him he could have whatever he wanted for dinner that night.  He told me he wanted a hamburger from Dairy Queen for his birthday.  He loves their hunger buster burgers!

When we got back from Dairy Queen, we had a few people come over for a real low key birthday party. 

It was so hot outside that all the kids ended up coming inside and played wii. 

This year, Jete requested to not have birthday cake, but donuts and ice cream instead. 
That made it easy for me!

The next day, we went to Splashway Waterpark with some of our friends, for more birthday celebration.  It was super fun!  This place has so many little slides for kids.  I think there were 3 or 4 kid areas for them to play and slide.  Jeter was tall enough to go on all the adult slides except one.  And he went on all of them too, even the pitch black scary ones.  He was so brave and loved every second of it.  Jerz got a little afraid to go down the tube slides.  But she did get a little more brave throughout the day and went down a few.  I didnt do real good on taking pics this day, for fear of getting my camera wet.  (I already ruined one camera that way.)  So I don't have too many pics, but we all had a blast!


It was so much fun and I'm glad we got to go here to celebrate Jete's special day.  He is such a good kid and loves to do what's right.  He has the cutest little smile and is always so happy. We're so thankful to have him in our family.  We love you so much Jeter!