Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jete and Friends

It's past midnight and Had is still at the school studying. I have a hard time falling asleep if he's not cuddling with me, so here I am, posting random pictures of Jete and some of his friends out here. I got on here to look at some pictures of him to remind myself that he is normally sweet and cute cuz he definately wasn't that today. Let's just put it this way, we had a rough, long, night last night and today!

Just happy to be out and about.

Jete, playing with his one-legged friend. (Just kidding, she has both legs, but it made me think that when i looked at the picture.)

After our walk one morning, while all of us moms were talking, a bunch of the kids ran to the curb and were greatly intrigued by this BIG tricycle.

We gave him one ride on a Harley when we went home this summer, and he's already hooked. There were like 4 little toys to ride right in a row, and he kept getting on this one. He found himself a cute little babe to cruise with too.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Big Race

We finally did it, we ran in a half marathon! My sister and her husband told us they were training to run in the Baltimore Half Marathon, so we decided to start training ourselves and run it with them. We've been training for the last 8 weeks (well, Had had to take every third week off cuz of his exam weeks), and although we weren't where we would have liked to be as far as getting ready for it goes, we did it! It was actually pretty fun, as fun as running can be anyways. :) There was 6, 225 people that finished the race, so it was a pretty beasty race. It went all over Baltimore, through neighborhoods, around a lake, up and down hills, and then we finished at the Ravens Stadium (sort of). It was definately hard, and i'd say it was worth it. Everyone did so good. It wasn't so fun for me during miles 5-9. I got the worst side ache ever, that slowed me way down to just about a walking speed. But other than that, the race was good. Had said he felt the best he's ever felt running, so i'm happy for him. I didn't want this to be a torturous thing for him or he wouldn't ever want to go running with me again. We're both glad to be done with it though, and want to do another one some time.

The start to these races are craziness. Everyone has to go so slow at first cuz there is so many people. I didn't want to wait for the steady stream of people to thin out cuz that is waisting precious minutes on my time, so i weaved through everyone. That part was pretty sweet, it made me feel like I was flying passing everyone left and right. :)

This was taken before the race started. Right here we're feeling excited, anxious, nervous, and having to pee. The lines for the portapotty's were so long, and no toiletpaper, so that makes ya feel like you have to go even more. Not fun.

I had about 1/10th of a mile left to go here, and this is where i started to "pour it on". I was very surprised i had any energy left to do anything, but i had a good finish and passed a bunch of peeps here at the end. I liked it a lot. But it was more exciting when i started coming down the stretch to the finish, sprinting past people on the left, when i hear the crowd start yelling and cheering for me, saying yeah, get em! Get em!! Nice finish!! Then the guy that was announcing stuff announced my name as i was coming along. This was exciting to me cuz we were talking about it before the race, saying i wonder how he knows who it is, or if people pay him to announce their names. Out of our whole group that ran, i was the only one to get my name announced, so that was exciting. I'm sad we didn't get a picture of Had finishing cuz he had an awesome finish too. I was waiting for him at the finish so we didn't get lost from each other in the madness of people.

Here's Had all tired out after the race. He did so good, i'm so proud of him. He keeps saying how he's not a runner. Ha, he did a half marathon, so he doesn't get to say that he's not a runner anymore.

So Had wanted to get 2 hours, and his time was 2 hrs 1 min. How awesome is that? I was hoping to get under 2 hours, but i really had no clue what my pace was cuz when i trained for it, i ran pushing Jete in a stroller. But my time was 1 hr 43 min. I was happy with it, especially for running slow for 4 miles due to a side ache from H...E...(you know the rest). But i secretly had another goal, and that was to beat my sister. Wahaha Holl. I didn't make that goal, so that was the craps, but oh well. I was still happy. Out of 6225 people, Had got 1886 place overall and i got 397 overall.

My sister and her husband were quite amazing. Her time was 1 hr 38 min, and 209th place; and he got 1 hr 23 min, and 30th place! It was fun to get to spend time with them and their cute little family.

Here's me and my sister, and all of my sister's friends that ran the race.

Me and Had, riding the tram back to the car after the big race. We were so pooped it was hard to stand, but even harder to walk the next day. Wow! We're good now though, nice and recovered, back at home from our exhausting but fun trip.

Monday, October 6, 2008

When Daddy's Away...

It's always so hard every time Had has exam week. He is gone all day long, and some days doesn't get to see Jeter at all. A few of the days Jete stayed up a little past his bedtime so Had could at least tell him good night. Well, this past week was no exception, but maybe a little worse. It has been nice weather during his earlier exam weeks, so we could go out on walks, go to the pool, or go to the parks and play. Well last week it started turning colder outside and rained a lot. I didn't know what to do with this little kid. He wants me to constantly play with him, but there's only so much chasing him, playing hide and seek, and toys that i can handle. I decided we could still have fun even if it was raining and we didn't get to see Had all week. I took him outside and let him run wild in the rain. He had the time of his life! I actually splashed around in the puddles with him and we both laughed like crazy. He loved every second of it and cried when i dragged him back inside to get him out of his wet clothes. It took up a good portion of the morning, and got him all nice and tired out for a long nap. So next time you think "Ah crap, it's raining what should we do?" Go out and play in the rain, it's so fun!

This was another one of our little activities we did while it was nice and freezing outside. I've been wanting to make cookies like crazy (well any kind of desserts/treats, I'm pretty much a freak when it comes to desserts), but Jete makes it a little difficult because he hangs on my legs and wants me to hold him every time i go in the kitchen. It's pretty much torture if any of you can imagine. Well since we were so bored and had nothing but time on our hands, waiting till Had gets home anywhere from 9-12 at night, I decided Jete could just help me make them. He loved helping and sitting up on the counter to watch my every move. He tried to help mix it after each ingredient went in. But once he realized it was edible, oh my! He started freaking out when i had to pull him out of the bowl. This boy can eat some cookie dough! Anyways, Had's exams went well, and we're all so excited that they're done. Only to look forward to it again in another 3 weeks. :(

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Noah's Ark

We got invited to a little birthday party for our friend's kid Hogan. He just turned one. I just thought i'd share her talent. She made his birthday cake, and i thought it was pretty freakin amazing. Check this thing out!