Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunday Tradition

My family and I have found a new hobby.  We can't get enough of it.  We all get anxious, nervous, and excited for it each week.  It's supercross/motocross!  It's on every Saturday night.  Usually it comes on here too late, so the kids are already in bed.  They hate that they can't stay up and watch it, so occasionally, we let them stay up, but mostly we just record it.  It has become a Sunday tradition after church.  I hate to admit, but sometimes even during church, we''ll take bets on who we think will win, get 2nd, 3rd, etc.  I know, it's bad, but we all can hardly wait!  (And sometimes me and Had really can't wait and watch 1 or 2 races the night before).  

So right when we get home from church, we rush in the door and turn it on before we change our clothes, before we eat, before we put away our scriptures, etc.  We all pile on the couch, bust out some chips, and immerse ourselves in the thrill of the races.  What makes it even funner for us.... we all like different riders, so we all want our guy to win, so we're yelling, and cheering, and griping the whole time.  Well, they race all over the country.  When we found out they were coming to Houston, we knew we had to get tickets.  SOOOO GLAD WE DID!!!
It was seriously one of the funnest things we've done here.  We were all dying the whole time we were there, lovin every second of it.  We watched them practice on the track first, then went out to the pits.

That's Ryan Dungey's pic on the left, and Justin 'Bam Bam' Barcia on the right.
I love Dungey.  Jeter likes Barcia.

James Stewart on the left and Trey Canard on the right.
Jerzi loves Stewart, Hadley likes Canard.

Jete and Jerz rockin their supercross gear.  (Jerz was kinda forced to wear Dungey's shirt.  It was way too big and we had to tie it up in the back, plus she doesn't like Dungey, but we (meaning me) are not gonna just leave a Dungey shirt home.  I even tried it on to see if I could pull it off as one of those little t's.  It didn't work, dang! )  Haha

We all had to get pics with our guy's bikes.
Jerzi with Stewart.

Jeter's with Dean Wilson (a 250 rider), who didn't race cuz he got hurt.

Had with Canard's bike

Since I'm the one with the camera, I took lots more pics of the guy I like.  :)

Jeter and Jerzi both LOVE Villopoto.  

To say Jete was excited is an understatement!

Gettin ready to start, fireworks all over the place!

And they're off!

So exciting!  The races were long and went past the kids bed times and it didn't even phase them. 

The 450's kept us all screaming and cheering the whole race.  All of our guys did good, except for Stewart, who had to quit the race after wrecking.

The Top 5, 450 Supercross Results: 
1. Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki) 
2. Ryan Dungey (KTM) 
3. Trey Canard (Honda) 
4. Justin Barcia (Honda) 
5. David Millsaps (Suzuki) 

We got to meet Wil Hahn (the Champion 250 Rider of 2013) and talk with him.  He seemed so nice and cool.  He's all of our new favorite 250 rider. (Jete and Jerzi both had some stuff to say about why he didn't have a shirt on, and his tatoos.  Luckily, it was after we walked away from him.)

We had to keep up with our tradition on Sunday and watch the races that we were just at.  And while we were watchin, we saw ourselves on TV!  So of course, I had to take pics of the TV.  Haha  

Jerzi was up on Had's shoulders.  

Well, sadly Supercross has come to an end for this season.  Villopoto got 1st overall, Millsaps 2nd, and Dungey 3rd in the 450's.  Wil Hahn got 1st overall in the 250's East, and Ken Roczen 1st in the 250's West.  It was a good season.  We loved every second of it. We're all kinda bummed out  that it's over, but Motocross starts up again in just a little bit. Can't wait, wahoo!