Friday, May 30, 2014

Kindergarten Graduate

Jeter graduated from Kindergarten!  OK, so really they didn't have a big ceremony, or even a graduation for these sweet little kindergartners.  They took these pictures without us knowing, and Jeter came home with it one day.  I was a little sad we didn't get to celebrate and gush over them and take a lot of pictures, even though it's just kindergarten.   Well, I'm still so proud of this little guy!  He was such a good student this year.  At the first of the year, I wondered what he'd be like in the classroom, away from me.  How he'd take instruction from someone else.  If he would be a good friend.  If he would dare to ask to go the bathroom.  If he would try hard in his schoolwork.  

Well, he went... and he loved it.  He never complained about going to school, or about waking up early to get ready.  At every parent teacher conference, his teacher Mrs. Garrity would praise him and praise him and tell me how she just loves having him in class.  She said he was ahead of the other students in his class academically, by far.  She said he is a good example to the other kids in the class, a good friend to them, and she can tell he always wants to do what is right.  She gave him a whole bunch of her very own chapter books at the end of the year, so he can keep reading through the summer.  Turns out I had no need to worry.  He is a good boy, and while I hate that he's school age now, I know I don't need to worry about him next year!

 I hope this cute little munchkin will continue to work hard and be a good kid and make me this proud every year! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This Boy!!!

This boy is too much for me!  I can't take his cuteness!  I want to stare at him all day long so I don't miss one little smile, or trick he performs, or sound he makes.  I love him so much!!!  It's been fun to have a bigger gap between Jerzi and Dash, cuz the older kids can go and play and I can spend more time with this little cute face and not feel bad about it. 

He's still doing tricks and can stand up to the couch, at 3 months old!!!

Oh look at those sweet little cheeks!!!

We took him to his first baseball game.  He wasn't a happy camper, but he sure looked cute in his little baseball shirt!

Monday, May 26, 2014

First Swim

We took Dash swimming for the first time, and it was the kids' first swim of the season.  Most of the pools aren't open yet, cuz everyone's still in school. But it is definitely hot enough outside!  We went to our friend's apartment complex pool, and had the whole pool to ourselves.  It was a great day for a swim!  And as it turns out we didn't actually put Dash's whole body in the water, but put his feet and legs in.  He didn't really love it.  He is normally such a happy baby, and is always smiling.  But not once we put those cute little toes in the water.

Look at him curl his little piggies up!  Aww, the cutest thing ever!

He's not sure what to think about it.

But as soon as we got him away from the water, he was happy as a clam.  

And he got all tuckered out! 
 He slept here peacefully while we played, splashed, raced, and sprayed each other.  

Thursday, May 15, 2014

All about Jerz-girl

Jerzi is my little turkey. I love her to pieces.  She makes me laugh, and sometimes want to cry.  :)  She is an active, shy, determined little girl.  She's got big dreams and tries so hard to be independent.  I love it, but at the same time, I hate it.  She doesn't want my help to do basically anything anymore.  She gives me a run for my money every day, and yet, we still manage to have so much fun together.

She was so nervous to start gymnastics. She was super shy and afraid to do the bars.  Now, she loves the bars, she plays with the other girls when they get to play on the mountain, she's rocking the beam and the vault...but she still won't hardly say a word to her coaches.  She is progressing so much and getting to be a good little gymnast. She wants to be like Gabby Douglas, the all-around olympic gold medalist.  She says that someday she's gonna be on TV like Gabby Gabs.  She has far surpassed the other kids in her class and the coaches make her do a lot more advanced things when they get to work with her one on one.  She recognizes that she's doing harder things than the other girls, and I can tell it pushes her to try even harder.  I love it!  What can I say, I love seeing the competitive nature come out in her.  It's so much fun watching her get better and stronger, and open up and come out of her little shell.

Their little performance for the year is called Mayfest.  They get a trophy and perform a little dance and all the gymnastics they've been working on.  She was so excited to get a trophy like Jeter!

She thinks she's big enough to cook her own breakfast!  Eeek!

Her best friend is Hannah Filetti.  Hannah was the girl that first got Jerzi to realize it's fun to play with other kids.  Well, she moved about 50 minutes away.  We were so sad to see them move, but luckily it's not too far so we can still visit.  Jerzi loves horses, and it just so happens that Hannah does too, and they have horses.  So when we go visit, these two spend all their time out riding.  

Jerzi loves to take pics of herself on my phone doing crazy faces.  I've got about a million different pics that are similar to these.  The scary thing is she's got emotions that change about as much as her face changes for the photos.  She's our crazy little emotional girl, and we love her to pieces!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Look Alike Babies

Two of these pics are Dash and two of them are Jeter.  It's crazy how much they look the same!  They are both about 3 months old in these pics.

Dash is in the two on the top, and Jete is in the bottom two, in case you can't tell which is which.