Friday, October 21, 2011

Beach Day In October!

So the other day I got a few picture texts sent to my phone.
They were of The Beautiful Rexburg, Idaho; sent because they wanted us to see that it was snowing there.
I couldn't help but laugh, cuz I happened to get them when we were hangin out at the beach.

As much as I love Rexburg, I'm glad I'm in Houston right now! It's finally cool enough that we can hang out outside without sweating our brains out.

We were all pretty excited to be there!

Our friends Daniel, Amanda and their kids came to visit us from Cleveland. It was so much fun having them here!

Jeter and Madilyn played like crazy, and ran around like maniacs all over the beach. Jete acted like he's never seen sand or water before. He started rolling around in it, making "sand angels", and splashing and crashing the waves. Here's the sand castle they built, only I think they turned it into a volcano instead of a castle.

Jerzi loved the waves, and wanted to run out in them by herself, but they kept knocking her over. Then she would get all grossed out when she got the water in her mouth cuz of the salt. She would try to wipe it out, and then get sand in her mouth. It's rough being little. I think this is right after she got a little mouthful of water.

I loved looking at the cute beach houses that lined the shore. How fun would that be to stay in one of these for a week and go surfing, lay out, go running along the beach, and build sand castles every day? One day, I'm gonna take a vacation like this.

Life isn't always peachy for us though. Especially for this little boy.

We went to Wal Mart one day and Jete saw those little swing sets out in front of the store. So he ran over to the swing, climbed on up, and started swinging. Next thing I know, he is falling out backwards, head first, onto the concrete.... and I watched it all happen, but couldn't manage to move my legs to catch him. I felt horrible for him. He let out a huge wail of a screaming cry, that I'm sure everyone in the parking lot heard. I tried to calm him down, or at least get him to stop crying so loud and then I felt his head. There was an instant ginormous goose egg!

So for those of you at home keeping track of how many goose eggs this poor little boy conjures up......add one more to the list!

It was hard to get a good picture of this. It looked and felt a lot bigger than this in real life.

Here's what the top of it looked like.

And I just wanted to throw these last ones of Jerzi in for the family. So here's what her hair normally looks like....... curly, wavy, out of controllish.

Well, I straightened it the other day. Look how long it is!
Someone asked me if she was 4 years old last week.


Nope, just 1.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jeter's playin for the Red Sox?

It was just a little ironic that when we signed Jeter up for t-ball this year, they put him on the Red Sox team. I'm pretty sure that whoever made up the teams thought that they were being pretty funny. Oh well, I guess that's what we get.

He gets to play though, and we're all so excited for that. He's too young to play any other sport here right now, and he definitely needs something. So Jeter playin for the Red Sox is gonna have to fly.

Jete's 1st t-ball game

Ooh, check out his intensity!

Little Jeter man up to bat!

What?!!! And he's stealing 2nd folks! Look at him go!

Ok, there's not really stealing in t-ball, but it looks like he is. Love this pic.

He stops on 3rd to pose for the camera.

Playin 2nd base.

(It was kinda funny they had him playing 2nd. That's the position me and Had both played in high school.)

Jerzi cried a bunch of times during the game. She kept saying to me that she wanted to go hit the ball too. Aww, made me so proud! HAHA She calmed down after she discovered the announcer's box though. She loved to climb up there and play in it.

(She picked out her own outfit this day, which I normally don't let her do. But she was freakin out cuz she wanted to wear a jersey too, cuz Jete was. And of course she had to wear a hat too. Even though her entire apparel came out of Jete's closet, I figured oh well, I'm probs the only one that cares anyway.)

My little tomboy

Good game Rays! Neither of us got anybody out. :)

Hangin out with his new friends after the game.

These three boys are faster than any of the other kids on the team, and are all very competitive. The coach always has these three race each other in practice. It's so interesting to watch how these 3 just gravitated towards each other, and see them become friends based on that.

My favorite pic!


"Mom!!! We get treats after the game! Are these really mine? Do I get to eat these myself?"

Yes Jete, it's all yours.

"This is so cool!!!"

Look who won the game ball!

My thoughts on t-ball so far:

I was super excited for him to play. Then I accidentally signed myself up to be the team mom, so that took away a little of the excitement for me. The league is intense, and serious, which is a good thing, I guess. They have games and practices like 3 times a week. But the coach gets mad at the kids for playing in the dirt, won't let them be by their friends cuz they'll talk too much, and expects them to know everything already. Jete is having fun most of the time though, and is showing us that he is coachable, so it's all good. I'm a little sad that nothing too funny has happened yet. It's too serious for that. I remember hearing lots of people's funny stories about their kids in t-ball. Mainly my sister's.....I start to laugh just thinking about them. I'm pretty sure we won't get to experience those kinds of things, but oh well. I think Jete is having fun (mostly) and Jerzi is starting to love sports too! Life is good.

Go Sox!