Friday, December 27, 2013


 December was a fun month.  The kids love to have an advent calendar, which I fill with a Christmas related activity for every day.  Sometimes one activity takes a lot of effort, and some of them take little to no effort at all.  This year, almost all of our activities were the no effort type, due to the fact that I was 8 months pregnant and had no energy at all.  Me and Had didnt even start Christmas shopping until a couple weeks into December.  We did manage to do a few fun things though... aaaaaand I lost my camera, so no pics of any of it!  :(

The only pics I got in December.

This was Christmas morning, coming down the stairs and seeing what Santa had left for us.

So this year Jerzi asked for everything under the sun, and Jeter didn't ask for anything.  He's already hard enough to buy stuff for, because he really does not play with toys, AT ALL.  So I kept prying and digging to see what he wanted.  Finally he told me one day all excited, "Hey I got an idea Mom.  Why don't we get all my old toys...... and throw them away!"  Awesome.
He eventually did end up telling me two things he wanted, right before Christmas.  A Cardinals football jersey (Fitzgerald), and a pool table.
Luckily Santa and his elves are pretty good!

Jeter was so excited about this air hockey/pool table combo that he tipped over.

Christmas is such a fun time of year.  I love all the excitement of it all!  We tried really hard to help the kids understand what Christmas is all about.  We even went to a live nativity put on by one of the local churches.  I got some cool pictures, but they're lost with my camera somewhere.  I am truly grateful for the Savior and that there is a special day for not just me, my family, and my religion, but everyone around the world, to celebrate Him and his birth.