Thursday, December 3, 2009

5 Weeks

I better update a little about Jerzi, so I can look back and remember things about her. At 5 weeks old, she is a pretty good baby, except she struggles eating. She is constantly needing to burp and has a hard time actually eating anything, without having to stop and puke/burp, or fall asleep. It makes for long drawn out feedings but she's so sweet. We love to kiss her chubby cheeks. She is always trying to hold her head up, and she does pretty good, but then all of the sudden she'll just slam it down into our shoulders or Had's scruffy chin. She sleeps pretty good at nights, waking up to eat once or twice, then goes right back to sleep. We love having her around, even though it's way hard to get all of us ready to go somewhere. Had keeps saying there's no way we can have more kids cuz it will take me too long to get all of us ready and i will never leave the house if we do. Please tell me, all you people with more than 2 kids, that it gets easier. :) (Her hair isn't even long enough for me to do it yet either. I don't know what takes me so long. Crap!)

At 5 days old, she was already holding up her own bottle! :)

She loves having baths, especially when she's getting her hair washed. She just relaxes and gets all calm. Mainly what I love is seeing her in her cute little bathrobes and towels, and smelling her right after she gets all lotioned up.

Here is her first day going to church. I love dressing her up already. (Maybe that's what takes me so long to get her ready.) :)

I had to post this picture cuz there's a cute little story behind it. I got her all ready for church one day, and brought her downstairs where Had and Jete were. As soon as Jete looked at her his eyes lit up and he said, "Mommy, Jerzi looks like a princess!" We didn't even know that he knew about princesses.

Jeter loves Jerzi to death. He always wants to be right next to her or in her face and is constantly telling her "You so cute" in a little high pitch baby voice. He also thinks that when she's flailing her arms all over the place, that if he snuggles in real close to her and gets right in their line of fire, that she's trying to get him, or tickle him. He laughs like crazy when she "gets him". Usually i don't think to take pictures of this cuz i'm usually telling him to not get so close, but i did get a few that were pretty cute before he smothered her. Here's some of my faves of these two.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I want a cool talent!

I must say that I have some talented friends. My friend Randee took pictures of Jerzi the other day and although she was being a little punk and not cooperating, and pooped all over me and the carpet with that lovely yellow staining poop, Randee still managed to get some way cute pics. This one is my favorite.

One of my other friends, Sheridan, made this cute, cute cake for us when we came home from the hospital. Look at those cute little basketball shoes! I love it and i didn't want to cut into it at all cuz it was so cute. Pretty soon Had was like "Cin, do you want to just sit it on a shelf for decoration?" And Jete asked me every day if he could have some of Jerzi's birthday cake, so we finally cut it (actually Had did cuz i didn't want to ruin it) and the cake tasted so good too.

Thanks again Sheridan and Randee. You guys are amazing!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween Pics

Even though Halloween has come and gone, I wanted to post pics so i could look back on them later. We got home from the hospital 2 days before Halloween, so i didn't really get anything for Jerzi to dress up as. I wanted to still dress her up a little, so we got a cute little Halloween beany for her to wear, and it ended up being too big, so here she is as a little...... Halloween ballerina? I don't know, it was the closest thing that she had to looking like she was dressed up. My friend made the outfit for her, and my sister in-law made her halloween bow.

When i asked Jete what he wanted to be for Halloween, he said "A bull rider!!!" in a rough, growly voice. So his Grandma's went to work. Grandma Pocock sent him the cute little outfit (and cowboy boots that he wouldn't wear),

and Grandma Fuller whipped up this bull (out of a shoe box and fabric) for him to ride so he looked more like a bull rider. He was one cute little bull rider. He was a stinker though and wouldn't hold the bull so we couldn't get any good pictures.

Gettin ready to go out trick or treatin with our new family of four. Ok, so we didn't really take Jerzi out. My mom stayed home with her while we took Jete.

We didn't get good pics of Jeter in his full blown costume, but the day he opened the package with all the bull ridin gear in it, he turned into a little bull rider. It was hilarious. He was posing like crazy for me. Here are some of my faves.

The tough cowboy

The cheeser

The sexy cowboy

The bull rider, ridin his bull

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins before Halloween, and before we had our sweet little baby, but I had to put pics of her up for everyone. So now here's what we did with Grandma Fuller the night before we went to the hospital to have the new babe. Jete was excited at first to carve them and to get the guts out of the pumpkin. Then he realized that it was staying on his hands and he started hating it and freaking out. He hates having his hands dirty!

Then we gave him a spoon to dig it out with and what do ya know?......Happy again!!!

Here's our lovely pumpkins. We're very creative in this family. HAHA
Mine is on the left, my mom's/Jeter's in the middle, and Had's on the right.

Our last family picture of just us three.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She's here!!!

The day finally came, we had our baby girl!!! We had her on Oct. 27th at 4:29 p.m. She weighed 8.1 lbs. and was 20 inches long- which is funny cuz that's exactly what Jeter weighed and measured. We are so excited to have her here and in our family. She's a really good baby so far. She mainly just sleeps and we have to force her to wake up and eat. I am loving having a girl and getting her dressed each day. I feel like i need to take a picture of her in every outfit and every pair of pajamas cuz she looks so cute in all this girl stuff. I'm doomed!

Jerzi Raye McArthur

Oh and the whole labor, delivery, and aftermath all went pretty good except for the fact that I felt EVERYTHING!!! It hurt like crap and i wanted to cry but she came fast so that part was good. I only had to push for like 15 minutes with her, compared to 3 hours with Jeter. I am feeling way better than i did after i had Jeter too. I can stand up, sit down, and walk around without feeling like i want to die.

Here's the proud Daddy, already snuggling with his baby girl. He's also doomed. HAHA

Here we are getting ready to go home from the hospital. We felt really bad cuz Jete couldn't come up there at all. They wouldn't allow any visitors under the age of 18 in the hospital because of the flu and H1N1 viruses going around, so Jete never got to see her until we got home. Luckily my mom was able to come out and help us. Thanks again Mom!

Jeter was excited to finally see her when we brought her in the door. It only lasted about 5 or 10 minutes, then he pretty much ignored her for the rest of the day. Now he's always wanting to hold her, feed her, and touch her. He hasn't figured out what "Soft" means yet. He is pretty cute with her though. He comes up to her and says "So cute, baby Jerzi." And he's always kissing her fingers and toes. He loves how little they are. He kisses them and says, "cute little fingers, cute little toes." He wants to be around her a lot. I can tell this is gonna be dangerous. After like 2 days of being home, I took my eye off him for like one minute, and then caught him jumping in her bed while she was in there! As soon as i saw him, he smiled and said, "Jumpin with baby Jerzi." Yikes!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Yep, i got a list of excuses why I haven't updated my blog for awhile, and i'd say they are all mainly pretty good ones too, but really, who cares? So i'll skip the excuses and give a little update and some pics.

Everything is good. Had, Jete, and myself are all doing pretty good. We just moved into a three bedroom townhouse, so we're adjusting to that, and loving the bigger space. I'm not loving the stairs at this point with my huge bellied self, but other than that, we like it. Jete missed our old apartment for the first little bit. When we drove past it a couple of times, we had conversations that went something like this,
Jete: "Mommy, go home."
I would say, "That's our old home. We don't live there anymore."
Jete: "New apartment home?"
Me: "Yep, our new apartment is our home now."
Jete: "Don't want that new apartment."

It really made me sad and feel bad for him but i think he's liking it a lot better now, and he loves to run around, stomp, and jump off the couches.... and i love letting him. It's nice to have 3 bedrooms so our new little baby can have her own room. I'm getting it all put together and i think it's gonna be pretty cute, so i'm excited about that. We also moved Jete into a big bed. He loves it, but i think mainly cuz he can get out now. Well, other than Had is taking finals right now, and I'm pretty much huge and ready to have a baby, those are the updates for now.

Here's some pics of what else we have been up to:

We went to a good high school football game. Jete was loving life, even after he slipped on the bleachers and hit his eye.

He got a sweet ol' black eye from it. We told him he looks tough now, so here he is, showin us how tough he is.

This is a week after it happened.

Had's mom and little sister came here while we were moving. It's always fun to have family come. But they were both such a huge help to me! Maycee played with Jete the whole time and Melissa helped move all of our crap and get things organized while Had was at school. Thanks again guys, we love you!

Earlier this year, Had was so sweet and surprised me with a new bike. He said it was a "Happy I Love You Day" (the best kind of day). Well, we all got new bikes, and due to some pregnancy and having kid issues that i have, this was my main form of exercise for the last few months. Although, i don't feel like it really counts as exercise, it was fun to go on bike rides with my cute little family. It's starting to get colder here and I think it's almost time to put them up until next spring. It makes me sad to put them away. Here's a few pics of some of our rides that i'll miss.

Monday, August 31, 2009

A celebration is in order!!!

Who wants to celebrate with us? The famous "Mad Lady" that we've told so many of you about finally moved out!!! We are so excited. Jete can walk, run, play, throw a ball, and even fall down without us having to worry about her breaking through our floor. Whoever wants to come over and play games, and bring their kids, no worries anymore. :) It was a momentous day as they packed up the Uhaul. Jete watched them load it up practically all day and kept saying, "Mad Lady, moving. YAY!!" Then when they finally drove away, he was standing on the edge of a chair and he stops and looks at me and asks, "Mad Lady gone?" I told him yes and he gets a big smile and jumps off, then stomps across the living room floor. It's hard not to laugh at this little munchkin and how much he understands.

We're also celebrating cuz Jete is wearing big boy undies! We potty trained him last week and i think it's safe to say that he's officially potty trained. Wahoo!!! He did so good. At first he didn't want to have anything to do with his undies, but after a few minutes, he liked them and only asked for a diaper when he needed to go the bathroom. Of course we said no, and by that first night, he already figured out that he can use this potty thing to his advantage. He kept calling us into his room and telling us he needed to go potty. So we'd rush him in and sometimes he'd go a tiny bit, sometimes not at all. He just wanted to get out of bed. Finally after 2 hours of playing this fun game, he went to sleep. I'll tell ya, this kid is too smart for his own good.

By the second day, he had it figured out and knew he wasn't supposed to go in his undies. He was a little too good though. He wouldn't go poop on the potty, and basically after the 5th day of no pooping, laxatives, and one million false alarms, we had to give him an enema. We put a diaper on him for that, and he still wouldn't go in the diaper. He knew he needed to go on the potty, but just kept holding it in. Poor little guy! I think we got him on the right track now though and all is good. Way to go Jete, we are so proud of you!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Had has been in tests for 3 weeks now, so i can imagine him feeling like screaming. I have been taking care of Jete by myself for 3 weeks now, so i also feel like yelling. (In fact I did. I took it out on my stupid neighbor that keeps banging on our floor cuz Jete running and sometimes even walking across the living room makes too much noise for them to handle themselves.) Jeter has had to put up with me for the last 3 weeks and.....well, he does scream, a lot lately. Wow, it has been a long three weeks. I can't wait for tomorrow when the last test is finally finished!

On a good note, Had is amazing and he's done awesome on all of his tests, even with little time to study, not enough sleep, and no time to eat. During all these tests, he found out he passed his boards, so that is a big relief, but again, no time to celebrate cuz he still had 2 more weeks left of tests. I just have to say that I'm so proud of him and all of the hard work that he puts into this. I don't know how he does it. Well, since it's just been me and Jete at home for the last long while, here's a few pics of us havin fun copying each other.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Jete turned 2 last week!!! Whenever i asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he kept saying "um.... potty (party), boons (balloons), cake, chockit (chocolate) cake." I figured i could at least do that much for the kid. He was super excited when we brought home balloons for him. He is normallly the best sleeper ever, goes to bed without making a peep, and sometimes even asks for his bed. But he was so excited to have the balloons to play with, he cried and cried for his balloons when i layed him down for a nap. It took him over an hour and a half of being in his crib that he finally fell asleep. After his nap, we had a little birthday party at a park for him with some of his friends and he loved it. My camera is having some issues so i asked my friend if she could take some pictures. They are so cute i couldn't decide which ones to put on here, so here's a bunch. Thanks again Randee! (If you want to see more pics of the party and the kids having fun, go to her blog [Beegh and Randee] on my sidebar.)

Yay for me, I already figured out how to make a two year old happy....




Toys that are loud :)

I know what a lot of you are thinking but no, we aren't forcing him to like basketball. I showed him pictures of all sorts of cakes and he wanted a basketball cake. So this is my attempt at a basketball cake and i know it's not great, but he was able to tell that it was a hoop and a basketball, so....mission accomplished. He was so excited about his cake that he got into the fridge himself, and took a big swipe at it with all 5 fingers before we took it to the party. Yeah, lovely.

Happy Birthday little Jeter boy! We love you so much and love doing things for you to make you happy. We feel so lucky to have you in our family.