Friday, December 28, 2007

Lovin Life in Rexburg

Jeter had so many people to play with him, tons of grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles... he was lovin life. His new thing is to be the center of attention, and starts fake crying if people aren't playing with him. Ashton (Had's little brother), and Maycee (Had's little sister), loved to play with him and make him laugh like crazy.

Had was also lovin life. He got to go snow machining. One night, he took some of my family for little sleigh rides around the yard. My little Nephew Aiden wanted to ride "the fastest snowmachine there was" so Had gladly took him out for a ride through the fields. They both loved it! Had was really excited to take Jete out for his first ride, but the little munchkin started getting sick, so he didn't get to go out.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

The Cutest
Santa Of
Lots of Christmas parties, lots of families, lots of love, lots to eat, lots to do.....
we still managed to see Santa....more than once!

Christmas just wouldn't be the same if the kids didn't get to sit on Santa's lap, even if they don't know what the heck is goin on. Jete was a good sport though and sat there without crying while we all took pictures. I think that this first Santa thought that since he had a real beard, he didn't need to smile or act like the jolly old man he is supposed to be. This was the closest thing that we got to a smile from him in any of my pictures. The rest of them kind of looked evil.

Like I was wouldn't be Christmas if "the kids" didn't get to sit on Santa's lap. Hadley has to jump up there every year, with all the little kids. Even though Santa could handle Jeter himself, Had went up there...just to make sure.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


When I was little, I remember this baby oatmeal stuff always being in our cupboard.  We called it pablem.  I don't know where that name came from, but we loved it.  I think all my siblings did.  We would ask for it.  So when the time came for us to give it to Jeter for the first time, I was pretty excited.  I thought he was just gonna gobble this stuff up!  Not so much.  For one, I don't think he knew what to do with it when it was in his mouth, and for two, it might not have tasted as good as I remember.  It was pretty funny to watch his face expressions as Had gave it to him.  His face made it seem like it was the nastiest thing in the world, but he kept opening up for it, as if he was only doing it to be obedient.  I guess it's only good if you put a big old pile of sugar in it like we used to. 


I think more of it ended up on his face and bib than in his tummy, but it was still fun to introduce him to the one and only, pablem.