Thursday, December 3, 2009

5 Weeks

I better update a little about Jerzi, so I can look back and remember things about her. At 5 weeks old, she is a pretty good baby, except she struggles eating. She is constantly needing to burp and has a hard time actually eating anything, without having to stop and puke/burp, or fall asleep. It makes for long drawn out feedings but she's so sweet. We love to kiss her chubby cheeks. She is always trying to hold her head up, and she does pretty good, but then all of the sudden she'll just slam it down into our shoulders or Had's scruffy chin. She sleeps pretty good at nights, waking up to eat once or twice, then goes right back to sleep. We love having her around, even though it's way hard to get all of us ready to go somewhere. Had keeps saying there's no way we can have more kids cuz it will take me too long to get all of us ready and i will never leave the house if we do. Please tell me, all you people with more than 2 kids, that it gets easier. :) (Her hair isn't even long enough for me to do it yet either. I don't know what takes me so long. Crap!)

At 5 days old, she was already holding up her own bottle! :)

She loves having baths, especially when she's getting her hair washed. She just relaxes and gets all calm. Mainly what I love is seeing her in her cute little bathrobes and towels, and smelling her right after she gets all lotioned up.

Here is her first day going to church. I love dressing her up already. (Maybe that's what takes me so long to get her ready.) :)

I had to post this picture cuz there's a cute little story behind it. I got her all ready for church one day, and brought her downstairs where Had and Jete were. As soon as Jete looked at her his eyes lit up and he said, "Mommy, Jerzi looks like a princess!" We didn't even know that he knew about princesses.

Jeter loves Jerzi to death. He always wants to be right next to her or in her face and is constantly telling her "You so cute" in a little high pitch baby voice. He also thinks that when she's flailing her arms all over the place, that if he snuggles in real close to her and gets right in their line of fire, that she's trying to get him, or tickle him. He laughs like crazy when she "gets him". Usually i don't think to take pictures of this cuz i'm usually telling him to not get so close, but i did get a few that were pretty cute before he smothered her. Here's some of my faves of these two.