Monday, October 18, 2010

Hurry and end October!

This post is for you Had. This is what we've been doing since you've been in Pittsburgh this month. We all miss you so much and sometimes have a hard time coming up with things to do. Other times, we laugh and play a lot and have fun together. But every day, we think about you and miss you like crazy!

The kids fingerpainted a picture for you!

We've built lincoln log houses.

I get sick of making them the same food all the time, so we had to take a little trip to McDonald's. (Jeter really loved it, he just likes to pull faces for the camera.) As you can see, Jerzi ate her own Happy Meal, at 11 months. :) She still loves food, and out-eats Jete!

We go for walks and pick out our favorite trees.

We dance like crazy.
(I love that he turned around to tweedle his little bummy for me.)

This is all Jete's doings. He combed his hair out, got it all puffy, then stuck the pick in it and came and showed me "how cool" he was.

Meet Little Man
Since you've been gone, Jete discovered his new best friend. (He's had this dog for about 2 years now, and has always liked it, but now it's his "best friend".) He finally decided to give him a name-Little Man. He goes everywhere with Jete now. He wants to watch shows with Jete. He wants snacks like Jete. He has to go potty, and even says prayers and folds his arms with Jete. He really is his best friend. Good ol' Little Man!

Here's a pic of the sweet little Jerz-meister, as Jete calls her now. She's walking all over the place, and has a mean little temper, but man, when she's all i can do to not kiss her little face off.

Jete is getting more daring, if that can happen. He's doing tricks off his dresser onto his bed now. Here's his favorite- Suupermaaaan! He wants to do a flip off of it, but I'm not willing to let him do that yet.

He loves giving rides to his friends on his motorcycle, and he still wants to ride it every day.

We also have been playin the piano and singin all the primary songs. Jete loves for me to tell him the stories about the pictures in the songbook, and Jerzi just loves to play and here the "music."

We do lots more, (and we do lots less somedays), but I left out some stuff for a reason. I didn't show you pics of the tantrums Jerzi has, or when Jete makes me so frustrated cuz he won't eat any of his meals. I didn't put pics of the crying and screaming either of them do, or the dirty dishes in the sink, or the piles of laundry that need done. I didn't post pictures of my receipts from the money we've spent, or me without any makeup, or actually getting dressed for reals. We just want to make sure that you stay excited to come home to see us! We love you!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Summer Stuff

I used to think there was nothing like running in the rain. Until now.

We planned to go on a bike ride one day with some of our friends. We saw that there was a chance of showers, but there was a chance of showers all day, and it still hadn't rained by the evening. So we headed off. We stopped at this lake for a little break and noticed dark storm clouds in the distance. Instead of continuing on like we had planned, we decided we should probs turn around and head back, so we could make it home before we got soaked. About 20 seconds after we got on our bikes, it started pouring. We were still a good 4 miles away from home. So we just pedaled faster, and trekked it through the pouring rain, with our 4 kids in tow. I was a little worried about Jeter, cuz he hates getting his face wet, but he did good. In fact all four kids acted like it didn't even phase them. I think Jerzi LOVED it. She was smiling the whole time. We all couldn't stop laughing as we rode down the trail, and tried to look at each other through the rain streaming down our eyes and faces. We got tons of weird looks from people in their cars. It was such a fun ride though. We loved it!

What do you know? It stopped raining as soon as we got home!

There are u-pick farms all over out here, and I decided to pack up the kids and go to one and pick raspberries. All my hard-workin, berry-pickin days at Sonderegger's when i was younger paid off. HAHA It was fun to just go and pick as many as i wanted, and let the kids eat a few too. Ok, so Jerzi ate a little more than a few. It really was a good thing that i picked fast, cuz she ate them fast. She ate tons!!! Well, I was excited to get all these berries so i could make raspberry jam. These two little munchkins were there to help me every step of this process.

They helped pick.
(even if it was out of my bowl)

We played and had fun.
(the most important part)

We cooled off with a little ice cream treat.

We all took turns mashing the berries.

The finished product. Delish!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer Memories

Summer is officially over. I'm kinda sad about it. I love just about everything about summer, except for sweating after I just get out of the shower so my make up sweats off and my hair goes flatter than it already is, and well... that's about it. As soon as football starts, it seems like it instantly has to get cold so that it will be nice and fun to go to the games and freeze as you watch them. And that's what happened here. It went from 90 degrees one day, to 58 the next. Bam, instantly FALL! I do love the fall in Ohio though. I love the trees, the crunchy leaves, all the football to watch, the good smelling autumny scenty's, and of course to me it means my basketball season is starting. YEAHHH!!! So now that it's getting colder outside, and I switch my temperature thing in my house from heat, to A.C. and back to heat in the same day, I feel like all the things we did this summer happened so long ago. We had lots of fun and I haven't posted about any of it. So here's a quick (or not so quick) recap of why I love summer.

First I gotta start with Little Miss Jerzi Girl. Her personality came out more this summer and she has got a little attitude. It's hilarious to watch her try and get her way. But she is also one of the biggest cheesers ever. She is always smiling. I love it and can't get enough of her squishy little cheeks.

Jeter has also gotten more of a little attitude this summer, sometimes good, sometimes bad. His dancing always makes me laugh though and realize how much I love this little man.

Jerzi's first sparkler

Playing with other girls

Jete was so excited to watch fireworks this year, he went and sat in his seat before everybody else sat down and started screamin and cheering for them to start. I love to see him get excited!

4th of July parties

Karaoke night

Eatin popsicles on a hot day

Parades, cute little bummies, and more parades

Playin catch

Watching these two play together has gotta be right up there with when Had comes home from work. I love it!

1st tooth
(I know you can't see it. She won't let me take a picture to show it.)

Ridin a Harley through Amish country. I was tryin to sneak pictures of them all along our ride. The country is sooo pretty out there, and it's crazy to see their buggies drivin down the roads.

Jeter loved his motorcycle ride, but once again, didn't love me takin pictures of him, so his hand came up to block.

Jete had to get a new helmet after a cop stopped them and told them that his little borrowed pedal bike helmet wouldn't work. Oopsies :) Haha

We thought Jete wasn't going to get a motorcycle, but Had's aunt did some searchin.... and she found one! So Grandma Pocock got it and had it shipped to our house. Man, he was one excited little dude. He has now informed me "now I need a dirt bike and I'll be really happy." (This kid is way too spoiled!)

Loads of swimmin

4 wheeler rides and pretending to be monster trucks spinning cookies in the kitchen.

We got a lot of visitors over the past month too, so those posts will come later, but for now I'll say goodbye to summer but I'm keepin my flip flops out until there's snow on the ground.