Friday, May 30, 2014

Kindergarten Graduate

Jeter graduated from Kindergarten!  OK, so really they didn't have a big ceremony, or even a graduation for these sweet little kindergartners.  They took these pictures without us knowing, and Jeter came home with it one day.  I was a little sad we didn't get to celebrate and gush over them and take a lot of pictures, even though it's just kindergarten.   Well, I'm still so proud of this little guy!  He was such a good student this year.  At the first of the year, I wondered what he'd be like in the classroom, away from me.  How he'd take instruction from someone else.  If he would be a good friend.  If he would dare to ask to go the bathroom.  If he would try hard in his schoolwork.  

Well, he went... and he loved it.  He never complained about going to school, or about waking up early to get ready.  At every parent teacher conference, his teacher Mrs. Garrity would praise him and praise him and tell me how she just loves having him in class.  She said he was ahead of the other students in his class academically, by far.  She said he is a good example to the other kids in the class, a good friend to them, and she can tell he always wants to do what is right.  She gave him a whole bunch of her very own chapter books at the end of the year, so he can keep reading through the summer.  Turns out I had no need to worry.  He is a good boy, and while I hate that he's school age now, I know I don't need to worry about him next year!

 I hope this cute little munchkin will continue to work hard and be a good kid and make me this proud every year! 

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