Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We Bought Our First Home!!!

Ever since we got married and went on a cruise for our honeymoon, we have wanted to do another one,  or at least take a vacation to some tropical paradise!  When we couldn't afford it in undergrad, we decided it would be when Had graduated podiatry school.  But then he had to start residency, like immediately, so then we said after residency.  It was finally gonna happen! It would be a "We finally made it, we're actually making money now/10 year anniversary trip."  

We ended up falling in love with a home here in Katy, and decided to do buy it, instead of a trip.  
Now the backstory, 
Had wasn't sure about buying a house yet.  I couldn't wait to get out of our rental, and find a house where Dash didn't have to sleep in our room!  So I met with a realtor myself, and told Had if I found one that I liked, he had to at least come see it.  The minute I stepped in this house, I knew it was for us.  It was perfect!  He came and looked at it and also knew it was supposed to be ours.  But... he was super busy with graduating, tests, and getting things wrapped up as the chief resident and had no time to help with the actual loan and buying the house.  So he said if I took care of it all, he was on board.  I jumped all over that and we bought this beautiful home in June!

4707 Butler Springs Ln Katy, Tx 77494

Well, when you buy a house you have to furnish it as well.  So we went on a splurge and got all the things we needed (ok so maybe they weren't a need, but we got the things we've been wanting for the last 10 years).

We were all so excited to get a fridge that has a water and ice dispenser!

We also got couches, a chair, coffee table, and end tables to fill this gigantic family room.  Here's Had posing for this pic.  HAHA

But after a long story of ripped couches and holes in them and returning them and getting new ones brought in 4 different times, we finally switched to this instead.

We also replaced our $100 Walmart table and chairs and bought us a new kitchen table and chairs.  In our new house we had this beautiful dining room with nice wood floors, but knowing us, we would never use that room and our nice new table and chairs, so we decided to make the room a little more functional for us.

 We turned it into a workout room!!!  I can't even tell you how excited I was over this.  We put our new table in the kitchen nook, and then in the dining room we layed down rubber mats, changed out the chandelier for a fan, and put a TV and our exercise equipment in there.  I love this room now!!!

We seriously love this home.  It is in a masterplanned community that has 13 swimming pools, tons of tennis courts, a golf course, and miles and miles of bike trails that all hook together!  It is 3,139 sq ft, with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, all on one floor.  One of my favorite things about this house, besides the location, is how open the flooplan is, and the fact it has the bonus room (which we'll use for a toy room) right off of the kitchen. It's tucked away from the front of the house, so the kids can play in there, without their messes being seen by anyone that comes over.
Ok, so to be honest, the thing that really sold me on the house was the pantry and all the closets.  I couldn't stop raving over them.  The pantry is the size of a small bedroom, and there's a ton of closet space everywhere!  Had kept asking me if I was gonna sleep in the pantry the first night in our new home cuz I couldn't stop talking about it.  The garage has a little workbench in it.  There's a huge attic where we can store stuff.  I just love when everything has it's own place!!!  We can't say enough good things about this house.  We' re so excited to live here and start our real adult lives with a job and a house and everything. 

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