Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We're gonna make this place our home.

 Aah ah aaah, ah ah aah aaaah.  That song has been in my head like crazy since watching the olympics.  And it's pretty fitting for this post.  Another Idaho trip for us is coming up, so I better hurry and finish posting about our last one.

 We did tons of stuff while we were in Utah and Idaho, and we loved every second of it.  Jerzi can't seem to understand that we live in Texas.  She still argues with me that we live in Idaho.  And Jeter is convinced that we are moving back to Idaho when he is 6 years old.  Well, at least if we aren't living there, we can warp their little minds that Idaho is the best!

Grandpa Pocock took us up the river on his fishing boat while we were there.

  Good food and good company!

We drove up (a little too far) onto a little rock bar, so we could get out and play with rocks, go the bathroom, and cook the food.  I'm pretty sure that I should not have been the one that was teaching the kids how to skip rocks. Look at that form.  HAHA

 Jerz, thinkin she's hot stuff driving the boat!

Jerzi loved all the attention she was getting from everyone, and Jeter...well he was just too pooped.  No naps and staying up late for many days in a row takes its toll on this little guy.

 After Fuller Fest got over, me, Jete and Jerz stayed a couple extra days at my sister Angie's house.  It was super fun to spend time with them and their awesome family.  It was Javin's birthday while we were there.  Jav let Jete pick out his birthday cake (a basketball cake).  Jeter was so excited about it, and also about the donut that Jav got for his birthday.  It was the biggest donut we have ever seen (sorry, no picture).  Holl and Jeff, and Dustin and Alissa and their kids came and celebrated his b-day so we had a ton of fun with everyone.

We went to a park/splash pad and played and ate dinner, then went back to the house to play some more.  The kids loved the pinata and all of it's goodness inside.

The three cute princesses

Holl and Jeff brought silly string for everyone.  It was so much fun.  I think the adults liked it more than the kids.  It was pretty much everywhere, but oh so fun!

I love the look on Dustin's face.  He was getting everyone in their face, including poor little Mag, and just laughing his head off. 

Cute cousins

Jerzi hangin out with the boys, playin Jav's new game on the wii (or xbox or whatever they have.)

So Josh and Ang let me drive their sweet '86 Lincoln back to Rexburg so that I could have my own car to drive around in.  It was so nice of them, and that car was so sweet!  I'm so sad that I didn't get a picture of it, cuz it was the bomb.  It's a nice, big, yellow, luxury Lincoln.  The seats were so comfy and it rode so smooth.  It was a little long though, and only a couple times I felt like whew, am I gonna make this turn?  Anyway, we drove that thing all over town, and it was a champ.  Thanks again Josh and Ang.

We went to Jackson Hole,Wyoming for a day with some of my family.  We went swimming at their rec center while my parents went and waited in line at the Bar J.  Swimming was a blast! 

We started out going down the slide with Jeter and Jerzi.   Then the kids got a little more brave and wanted to go down by themselves, but just have us catch them at the bottom.  (Jeter wasn't quite tall enough to reach, but he could bounce off his tip toes for a sec, then go back under) So he decided he wanted to do it by himself.  He loved it and thought he was so big to go down by himself and not have anyone catch him.  He would go under the water, kind of splash and kick around for a little bit under there, each time looking like he was gonna drowned, then come up with a huge smile on his face, and want to do it again.  He was so brave, and both him and Jerzi loved this swimming place probably better than any other swimming place we've been.  I hope we can go there again in our next Idaho trip. 

After being so brave on the little slide, we decided to try out the big slide with the little munchkins.   

More fun than the little one! Jeter eventually started going on this one by himself too.  We were all in the shallow pool and all the sudden we notice that Jeter and Miles were not anywhere.  We were starting to panic for a second, then we noticed the two 4 year olds were just climbing up the stairs to go on the big slide, by themselves, and didn't tell any of us.

 We all had so much fun.  Even Ern got in on the fun, even though her hand was in a cast.  She saran-wrapped it and kept her arm up the whole time.  HAHA  Oh I guess it wasn't as much fun for Audrey.  She was 9 months pregnant and didn't get in.  So she took pictures for us, super nice, but not that fun. 

After we got done swimming we went to meet up with my parents at the Bar J.  In case you don't know what that is, it's a little cowboy music, comedy, and dinner.  We used to go to it all the time when I was younger, and my whole family just loves them.  It's always a good time.  

My parents waiting in line all day paid off.  They got us front row seats!

We love the Bar J!!!

I had a little video clip of them singing a song about Texas, and the guy in the middle looked down at me in the middle of the song, and started singing and smiling right to me as I zoomed in on him.  It won't download though, dang it.  It was funny. 

More Idaho fun to be continued...


  1. I love to look at your updates, and Im sad we didn't get together while you were here. Can we maybe see you when you come next time? Oh, and I am SO jealous of your rockin arms!

  2. Cin, what the heck you been postin like crazy, I love it! It makes me feel like I should get goin and post more on mine. Any ways fun post, I loved seeing all the fun things you got to do while you were here in good old Idaho. I wish I could have come there for it, especially the Bar J and swimming, my favorites. Love it all, keep em comin!