Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jerzi Turns 5!

This little cutie is 5 now!!!  

Jerzi is a funny, spunky, sassy little thing.  She has been a handful since she was a baby, but we love her to pieces.  She always makes us laugh with the funny things she comes up with.  She's full of personality and we love having her in our family!

We had to start the day out right with butterfly pancakes for breakfast.

Jerzi is a very independent little thing and thinks she can do everything herself.  She told me she could make her own sandwich, and was so proud when she was finished. (Too bad it was "way too gross" for her to actually eat it.)

She's a wild child and can throw some serious tantrums.  She loves gymnastics, pink, all things girly, and teasing Jeter.  She just loves Dash to pieces and wants to help with him all she can.  She's got a wild hairdo if we just let it go, but she's got the best hair ever, full of body and curls, and I love experimenting new hairdo's on her.  She's a crazy sleeper.  She's very shy around other people, but she's slowly coming out of her shell.

She's been asking for an American Girl doll girl for a couple of years now.  So we finally took her to the American Girl store for her birthday and let her pick out the doll she wanted.  She chose Isabelle, and she just loves her!!!  It was so fun making this little girl's dream come true.  

Carrabba's for her birthday dinner and dessert!

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