Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dewberry Farms

We heard a lot of good things about Dewberry Farms for the past couple years, so we finally decided to try it.  It did not disappoint!  They had so many things for the kids to do.  They were entertained the whole time!

The ziplines and the huge slides were their favorite!

While the big kids played, me and Had took turns trying to cool this little baby off!  Even though it was the end of October, it was scorching outside!!!

We took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and I think this is where Dash had the most fun!  He laughed and was so happy the whole ride.  In true Jerzi fashion, she had to find something to be upset about (not sure what) on the ride.

All 3 of these guys had to show me how tough they were.  I loved watching them all show off.  I felt like I was at a carnival and they were all trying to impress me.  That dude in the red shirt... 💓

The kids loved the cornmaze!

After the pumpkin patch, we carved the pumpkins on Jerzi's birthday.  For some reason Had thought his pumpkin was appropriate, so please divert your eyes.  I'm embarrassed it's even in the picture, but the rest looked great!  Jerzi did the bat, Jete did the face, and I did the spooky ghost. Dash, well he just ate the guts and seeds! Haha

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