Monday, October 20, 2014

My First Ragnar

We moved into our new house, and we had only been there for a few weeks.  I met a girl in my ward that told me how there are a lot of ladies in our ward that run.  I was so excited!  Then I got even more excited when she told me how she just got pregnant and she was supposed to be running in a ragnar race, but couldn't anymore because of her pregnancy, and asked me if I wanted to take her place.  I had no clue who the other girls were, but I jumped at the chance!

I am so glad I did!!!  I met a bunch of these girls for the very first time  (our ward is huge!) when they came and picked me up to head to Austin.  We had so much fun together!

So in a Ragnar Race, you have a team of 8, and someone is constantly running.  We each had 3 legs to run, one of which is in the night.  Our course had a base camp, where every runner would do some sort of loop out and come back to the starting spot to swap with a teammate.  Most everyone running the race camped.  We were fortunate that one of our teammates had a camper, so we were one of 2 campers there!!!  It was fantastic having that thing!

Everyone was so nice, and I made some great friends!

I got diarrhea bad after my first leg.  It was horrible!!! During my 2nd leg in the night, I could barely run cuz I needed to go so bad.  But I was out in the middle of the woods, running all by myself, on a rocky little trail, in the dark.  There was nothing I could do!  It was pretty much the worst.  My 3rd leg was a little bit better, but not too much. Man, I lived in those nasty portapotties when I got done!  

But even with all of that, I had so much fun, I'd do it all again!!!

Crossing the finish line together with our last runner!

I love these ladies!!! I'm so glad I was able to fill in for Suzanne!
From Top Left to Right: Emily Cook, Kristie Archibald, Debbie Moody, Angie Toler, 
Me, Carolyn Gordon, Camille Woodward, and Kate Zollinger

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