Sunday, November 2, 2014

Frozen Party

Jerzi is obsessed with Frozen and she loves Elsa.  So she asked if she could have a Frozen birthday party. After I looked on Pinterest and saw so many cute ideas, I had to do it for her.  I wish I took more pictures, cuz it all turned out so cute. She was dying over all of it. She loved having friends come over and give her all the attention too!

I just thought these food labels were so cute!  I printed them off of and the kids loved seeing what all the food was called, way more than I thought they would! 
Ice Blocks= blue jello jiggler cubes
Frozen Hearts=strawberries dipped in white chocolate
Olaf's Noses=carrots
Sven's Antlers=pretzels
Elsa Punch= blue Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, vanilla ice cream

I didn't get a pic of the cake and punch I made, but here's the ones I copied.  :) 

They painted and decorated little wooden snowflakes for a craft.

They played Pin the nose on Olaf, Freeze tag, and Do you wanna build a snowman? (who could create and dress the snowman the fastest).

Happy Birthday sweet Jerz-girl!

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